Unlock the door to Your

Authentic Service

We're all about transparency and setting expectations for clarity and comfort.

Soulful Support

Safe, secure, soulful support is what we all desire. Here at Magical SOULutions it is out goal to make sure each client feels truly supported.

Purpose Driven

Our services are all about purpose. Whether the goal is relieving pain or stress, clearing blocks, discovering your path or blazing a new trail, we help by providing accountability and focus!

One on One

Our One-on-One sessions help guide you to move forward in profound and meaningful ways.

Energy Medicine

Tap into the healing power that is flowing through you right now!

Intuitive & Psychic Insights

Learn more about what your soul wants you to know!

Welcome To Magical SOULutions!

Our goal is to help you unlock the door and tap into what your SOUL already knows through hypnosis, coaching, healing, readings, classes and more.  To support you on your journey of creation and to accomplish your life’s purpose.

Scott Cunningham wrote, “Magic is natural. It is a harmonious movement of energies to create needed change.” Magical SOULutions focus on holistic wellness: creating a needed change or solving a problem to allow for a balanced lifestyle in the mental, physical, spiritual, energetic, and emotional aspects of our daily lives. In addition to 1x1 coaching, group sessions, healing services, psychic readings and classes, we help clients create abundance, joy and purpose – a reconnection to your soul.

Magical SOULutions – Soul Alchemy Sessions: hypnosis, coaching, healing, readings, classes and more.

When you fully remember, embrace and express who you are, everything becomes more magical!

Unlock the door to your SOUL!

COMPLIMENTARY SOULutions Discovery Session - learn about our practical, solution-driven (or SOULution-driven) services provided with deeply intuitive insights combined with energy medicine modalities. Discover how to embrace your dreams and live your soul purpose!

One on One

Our One-on-One sessions help guide you to move forward in profound and meaningful ways. Give yourself the opportunity to examine your life from a spiritual perspective – make lasting, deeply transformational changes by aligning your inner spiritual self with your outer life, helping you clear away mental and emotional clutter so you can hear messages from within and guiding you to discover your purpose and uncover your best version of YOU!

Energy Medicine

Transform unconscious holds that “block” your soul purpose and happiness. Release pain and strife in your life through healing and shifting energetic patterns that no longer serve any useful a purpose. Tap into the healing power that is flowing through you right now!

Trainings, Classes & Workshops

Magical SOULutions offers you an plethora of profound and practical spiritual, metaphysical and healing practice programs. For those on a spiritual journey or working toward to their personal development, these experiential classes encourage transformational experiences and are designed to help fulfill your soul’s purpose.

The Story...

Magical Soulutions was born from a desire to find solutions to issues presenting often as challenges in various ways in our lives. Seeking empowerment, healing, and most of all a reconnection to ourselves - our soul, led to the creation of this business.

Magical SOULutions is more than a holistic energy practice, it is a soulciety of people who connect to energy, work with it, flow with it, and find alignment with it. Magical SOULutions offers a variety of services to align our clients: mind, body and soul. Come join our Magical SOULciety...

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