5 Crystals to Get You Back in the School Groove

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So I’m sure that, like me, a lot of people- ESPECIALLY those in school- took summer vacation to mean, “Hey man, you kicked life’s ass for awhile there, but its time to sit on the couch for a couple months and eat chips while binge watching any and every show possible.” AKA: the time during which brains melt, motivations are stunted and you forget what day of the week it is even though you just saw it two seconds ago on your phone screen. Because hey, its summer, and who cares if you let it all lax and loose over the summer, right? WRONG.

Your fall-self hates the whole “let your responsible-achieving-driven-self go, you have nothing else to do” mindset. In fact, it feels pretty damn lost by the time September comes back. It’s forgotten how to read anything non-romance novel related and how to write fluent English because it didn’t have to for a mere couple of months. It can’t focus on a professor droning on in class or a supervisor rattle about business stuff at work and it definitely can’t have a fully booked schedule because all it wants to do is lay in the backyard baking in the sun for hours on end (which, by the way is awful for you anyhow, and the way this fall’s looking, you might need to do that sunbathing in a parka). Lucky for your fall-self, help is on the way, in the form of some good ole’ intention setting and energy healing.

The easiest thing you can do is set aside some time out of your day and grab a few crystals to allow yourself to focus on what you want from your fall-self. Whether it’s motivation, focus, calm through the storm that is the world whipping back up to speed, or something to back you up while you re-charge your intelligence levels – these stones can get you there!

Carnelian: is great for enhancing creativity, but also individuality, courage, and motivation, while also protecting against anger, jealousy, and fear. In other words, a great stone for kicking ass and taking names, without the bitter side effects.

Lapis LazuliLapis Lazuli: aids in communication- to get your thoughts out verbally OR on paper, enhancing memory and intellectual ability- to kickstart that brilliant mind of yours, and encourages peace in relationships which is a great help for spending more time with people you forgot how to deal with while sitting on that comfy couch.

ObsidianObsidian: is a wonderful grounding stone, allowing you to stay connected to what really matters, and it is also a great protection stone. It removes the negative energy in and around you, so you don’t take on the frantic crummy energy that you’re sure to experience with the onslaught of new and known people in autumn.

Fluorite Wand Fluorite: creates mental and physical stability, enhancing focus, mental clarity, and coordination. It’s a good grounding stone that again protects from those negative nellies. It helps develop order- something much needed during the chaotic hot mess that is fall.

LabradoriteLabradorite: is yet another fearless protector against the negativity buzzing around, but it also gives out a massive dose of self confidence, allowing you to take on whatever you desire. It enhances intuition and provides mental illumination, allowing you to see what you may need to change regarding recent habits (AKA, saying sayonara to the couch potato in each of us so we can move on to the bigger and better.)

BloodstoneBONUS!! Bloodstone: is a great grounding stone and allows you to live in the moment, while enhancing intuition and creativity. After all, once you kick the bad habits and re-join the world of the functional human beings, you should take a moment to enjoy the energetic shebang you’ve created for yourself.

Grab one or a few of these stones and set what you desire for your fall-self. Whether you want focus, motivation, protection against negativity in any form, allow the energy of the stones to work for you. Set aside your bad habits and allow yourself to ride the fall roller coaster, because your its time for your summer self to stay in summer, and for your fall self to emerge like an avenging boss, because you deserve to take the world by storm.

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If you’re needing assistance beyond the crystals, schedule a Crystal Healing or Reiki session with me today!

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