A Chocoholic’s Guide to Halloween

A Chocoholic’s Guide to Halloween

I freely admit to being a chocoholic.  It’s a problem especially around Halloween.  I feel it’s cruel and unusual punishment seeing aisles and aisles of Halloween candy on sale!  

To save my sanity I rely on my 4 top tips to curb my chocolate impulses without denying myself chocolatey goodness!!  Life is too short to give up chocolate!!

1.  I buy candy for Halloween the morning OF Halloween. There is no way that I can buy candy before that as I sneak pieces of it with the excuse of, “Well, I’m sure there will be enough if I take only one piece.”  Which it probably would be if I didn’t do this multiple times a day.

2.  I buy candy that I don’t like.  This is anything that is not chocolate.  I don’t usually touch sugary candy like sweet tarts, gummies or lollipops (although in a sugar crisis, I have been known to make an exception)

3.  Start the day with a healthy breakfast.  I find that if I start with a healthy breakfast, I can avoid a day that spirals out of control from overdosing on chocolate.  I tend to start my day with a protein shake. I’m picky about my protein powder. It has to taste delicious. This shake is healthy and tastes like chocolate!  The added bonus of this shake is that I haven’t been sick in years. I attribute my health to this shake and the probiotics and mushrooms plus energy work. Really, self care is super important for your health.  I can’t state this strongly enough.

In a blender add:

½ cup cashew or almond milk

½ cup of ice cubes

¾ scoop Vega Protein and Greens powder in chocolate (Stop and Shop, Amazon,,,)

1 tsp organic cacao powder (I found mine on Amazon)

½ to 1 ripe banana

Open and pour in one capsule of probiotic (I use Perfect Biotics)

Open and pour in 1-3 capsules of medicinal mushrooms (I use Alphay brand)

Water to fill
Blend and enjoy

4:  Keep a stash of dark chocolate on hand to help you avoid dipping into your child’s treat bag.  Trader Joe’s has large bars of dark chocolate that I buy and break into chunks. I put them into a mason jar and snag a piece when I’m about to lose control.  It curbs my chocolate craving and is better for me than junk candy. Keep in mind, the higher the cocoa percentage the better it is for you.

*I receive no endorsement for any brand I have mentioned.  Do your research on your favorite brands, people!

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