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Kathy Grande

Soul Alchemist
Everything you need to live your best life is already within you. I truly believe this and want you to believe this as well! By embracing this idea, your life will change radically. Dreams become reality, fears are replaced with confidence and self worth, and doubts are transformed into inspiration and inner guidance. I know what it’s like to experience trauma, abuse, stress, fear, phobias, and illness. I’ve overcome these challenges and come out the other side stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been and I know you can, too. I’ve been a caretaker, a mother, a wife, a divorcee, a teacher and a healer and a million other roles, as have we all.. I am grateful for each and every one as they made me what I am today, whole, healthy, happy and ready to get you to the place of your dreams. Never give up!


Believing that the power to heal already lies within each of us, Kathy uses her extensive educational and holistic health background to guide clients on a journey of self awareness, instilling in them the confidence to meet challenges with confidence, grace, and humor. Using all the tools at her disposal, she encourages her clients to examine patterns, negative thoughts, and long held beliefs that may be holding them back from their highest potential and an amazing life. She offers a truly rounded experience to help those needing to heal in body, mind, and spirit. Kathy knows miracles can happen as she has overcome truly challenging situations in her life:  sexual abuse and dissociation, cancer, the early death of her mother, divorce, and the death of her best friend to name a few. She is truly thankful for everything she has: 2 wonderful healthy adult children, a lovely home, a beautiful crazy dog she rescued and loving friends that keep her grounded and laughing! Life is good!

Her client base is primarily overworked, overwhelmed, and over stressed women experiencing empty-nest, career or life burn-out, and parents with challenging children.

Kathy has dual certification in special and traditional education with a minor in psychology. She has over 30 years teaching experience in the field of education. Her holistic background includes but is not limited to certification in Medical Intuition, Consulting Hypnotism, Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Life Coach, Medical Intuitive, and Soul Alchemy Coach. These trainings combined with her intuitive nature have not only helped her understand why people behave the way they do, but gives her the tools to help them become the people they truly want to be!

Education and Trainings

Certified Consulting Hypnotist through National Guild of Hypnotists

Bachelors: Dual certification in Special Education/Regular Education, minor in psychology

Masters: Special Education

6th year: Regular Education

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Karuna Reiki level II practitioner

Certified Medical Intuitive

Certified Quantum Life Coach

EFT Level One

Intuitive Energy Reader/healer

Certified doTERRA ® AromaTouch

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What clients say?


"A huge thanks to Kathy  Grande and her amazing classes my daughter took with her to help with relaxation and stress management. The night before school started was UNREAL!  My girl had a plan, followed through and used all the strategies Kathy worked with her on this summer! She is feeling pumped, organized and prepared! I'm so proud of her and thankful for Kathy's knowledge and patience.

— Heather

"Emotionally, I was a mess, trying to come to grips with an unhealthy relationship. After Kathy's healing treatment, I felt as if I was reborn and was able to "let go of that which was not for my highest good." The session was relaxing but emotional. During the cleansing of my energy centers and aura, I was in total control and was gently led by Kathy to overcome my distressing thoughts. Immediately, I felt strong, optimistic and knew I had fully cut the cord from Mr. Wrong. Kathy gave me the gift I was so actively seeking...peaceful thoughts and acceptance of what was right for me. She truly worked a miracle that day."

— Donna

"Kathy has the perfect combination of : background in education and children's behavior, backbone(which she will generously loan you), and a sweet, serene and soothing voice to give concrete suggestions as well as encouragement to parents struggling to make sense of their children's actions and emotions."

— M