About Magical SOULutions

A group of holistic practitioners decided to come together as a collaborative community to offer a variety of services to align our clients: mind, body and soul. That group became Magical SOULutions.

Meghan K. Mitchell has always dreamed of having a wellness center that offered transformational coaching/healing sessions, classes and workshops, certifications and retreats. For years she has works in a variety of settings (senior centers, YMCAs, public schools and her own office) to bring these offerings to clients. Her dream grew when she met Kathy.

Kathy Grande dreamed the same. When she decided to retire from her career as a teacher focusing on special education in the public school system, she knew she wanted to continue to help others on their path for health and healing. She and Meghan knew they were on to something great!

Within two years, the two had brought their two separate businesses (Serenity in Bloom and Magical SOULutions) under one roof. Together they offer classes, workshops, certifications and retreats. They each work independently with clients and in group sessions. They have created a specialized program for those seeking to uncover their soul purpose called Soul Alchemy Sessions.

In addition, they’ve connected with some wonderfully talented holistic practitioners who offer a variety of services. Massage therapists offering therapeutic, oncology, infant, and relaxation sessions. Reiki Practitioners offering healing and cleansing sessions. Certified Crystal Healers utilizing the vibrational energy of crystals tailored specifically to the needs of the client to balance, heal and restore. Coaches who offer a holistic approach not focusing on just one area but all areas of your life (spiritual, mental, emotion and physical). Hypnotists who help you to uncover what you truly want to change and assist you in taking charge of that metamorphosis. So many talented practitioners offering our clients a full range of healing, cleansing, transforming opportunities!

Allow your soul purpose to unfold and transform!

Open the door and let the magic in!

The change is here.

The Tranquility Way Wellness and Serenity in Bloom have combined! The all new and improved company is now Magical SOULutions. – awaken your soul and set your spirit free!

Magical SOULutions offers holistic and metaphysical services and classes including 1×1/group coaching, self-development and spiritual courses, as well as a community membership program.  We’re so excited you’re here!

Blessings and Happiness Always!

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