Blessings and Abundance Galore

Abundance And Blessings Galore

For years I've found writing down the things I'm grateful for most keeps me grounded and in the moment.It was right about the time my oldest child was born (over 20 years ago) a habit of counting my blessings both morning and night began.

I often encourage my coaching clients to do this each day. I've found you don’t even have to write them down (say in a fancy gratitude journal you bedazzled just for this purpose unless you want to - is that just me?), if that seems too overwhelming.

Simply taking a few minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed is enough to mix this new practice into your daily routine. In no time at all, you’ll begin noticing blessings abound. In fact, you'll find your days are brighter and more productive as well.

Here are some tips to help you begin:

Start Simple

This isn't about writing a thousand page book on everything you've ever been grateful for your entire life. Start simple. I suggest to my clients to come up with three things to start.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself to come up with grandiose examples of gratitude when you’re just starting out. Just appreciating the bed where you’re starting and ending the day can be something to add to your initial list. Sometimes simply recognizing a tiny blessing can have a big impact.

Make it Part of Your Routine

A helpful method for remembering your new gratitude habit is to add it on to your existing routine. For me, once I've settled into bed and have gotten comfortable, I begin my "thank you for" list. I list anything and everything I can think of in that moment. I don't push or struggle. Whatever comes to me is all I need at that moment. In the morning, when I write my morning pages, I end them with my gratitude statements.

So whatever you normally do in the morning and night, be sure to include a few minutes to think of what makes you feel blessed. For example, if you have tea every morning, this would be a good connection to make. Sitting down enjoying a cup of tea or brushing your teeth will soon become a reminder to contemplate on your three things.

Alexa, Set a Reminder

I'm constantly using my Alexa to set reminders for myself (and my family - I love this!). If you find yourself forgetting to do it or skipping it altogether, you'll find adding some reminders extremely helpful. I use Alexa and Post-it notes.

When I was younger my mom would ask me why I didn't remember things. I never had a good answer to which she'd say, put it on a sticky-note! Great advice! Put a reminder on your nightstand. Another on your bathroom mirror.

If you don't happen to have an Alexa, I'd be surprised if you didn't have other types of technology. Set an alarm on your phone to remind you before you leave for the day or before you crash for the night to take time to consider what makes you thankful.

Reframe It

There have been times when clients have noted difficulty in coming up with things they're grateful for - new things. Not the same thing day after day. I tell them to write what frustrates them most and then find the blessing in it. Look for the silver lining. It really works.

Jot it Down

My pocketbook is filled with a number of different items - like most women. In it you'll find at least two notebooks at any given time. One is my business bible where I jot down ideas for courses and the like. The other? Ahh, that is my gratitude notebook. Its just the right size for  putting things down in it during the day as they happen.

Grab yourself a tiny notebook. It takes mere seconds to make a note of what you feel most grateful for in that moment. At the end of the ay or if you're stuck waiting at the doctors office or in line somewhere you can pull it out and review it.

Hopefully, you now see how creating a habit of recognizing the blessings in your life really isn’t challenging. A few small changes to your routine and you’ll find abundance and blessings galore!

If developing a new habit or releasing an old one is challenging for you, schedule a free Soulutions Discovery Session with us to get on track!

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