Gratitude Journaling

By Meghan Mitchell | Nov 16, 2018

Gratitude Journal Looking at what you’re grateful for each day, becomes even more powerful when making it a written activity. This can be intimidating for people who don’t like to write (I get it and honor that people don’t) or who feel they may not have time to dedicate to such a practice. If time…

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Holiday Hell to Holiday Happiness

By Kathy Grande | Nov 12, 2018

Holiday Hell to Holiday Happiness Dear Parents, Hold onto your hats because the holiday season almost here. Now is the time to get yourself into a calm state of mind because these upcoming holidays are the biggies and you’re going to need to get your zen on while dealing with cranky children, sulky teens and…

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Blessings and Abundance Galore

By Meghan Mitchell | Nov 11, 2018

Abundance And Blessings Galore For years I’ve found writing down the things I’m grateful for most keeps me grounded and in the moment.It was right about the time my oldest child was born (over 20 years ago) a habit of counting my blessings both morning and night began. I often encourage my coaching clients to…

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New Moon in Scorpio – November 7, 2018

By Eliza Micucci | Nov 7, 2018

Magical Power – New Moon in Scorpio New Moon in Scorpio~November 7, 2018 Themes: *Depth *Shadow *Regeneration Merry Full Moon in Scorpio! The energies of this New Moon are set to be intense-emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Scorpio, known for its themes of death, and regeneration- will bring us deep down into the depths of our…

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A Chocoholic’s Guide to Halloween

By Kathy Grande | Oct 23, 2018

A Chocoholic’s Guide to Halloween I freely admit to being a chocoholic.  It’s a problem especially around Halloween.  I feel it’s cruel and unusual punishment seeing aisles and aisles of Halloween candy on sale!   To save my sanity I rely on my 4 top tips to curb my chocolate impulses without denying myself chocolatey…

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New Moon in Libra – October 9, 2018

By Eliza Micucci | Oct 8, 2018

Love Connection – New Moon in Libra New Moon in Libra~ October 9, 2018 Themes: *Balance  *Self-Love  *Partnerships Merry New Moon in Libra! This New Moon is activating our heart space- bringing our deepest desires for true love and connection with another- as well as falling in love with ourselves. To accept our own needs…

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5 Things Every Teen Should Know

By Kathy Grande | Oct 2, 2018

5 Things Every Teen Should Know As parents it’s our duty to take care of our children but it can become too much of a good thing when we end up raising children who know nothing of the real world because we’ve done everything for them. We then end up raising helpless adults who view…

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guided meditation

Full Moon in Pisces – August 26, 2018

By Eliza Micucci | Aug 26, 2018

Spiritual Solitude – Full Moon In Pisces Full Moon in Pisces~ Aug. 26, 2018 Themes: *Mysticism * Magic * Creativity* Merry Full Moon! This weekend is set to have a sentimental, day-dreamy nostalgic feel to it, with it being a magical time for intuition. Enhanced dream time, heightened sensitivity in relationships, and clarity into your…

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Forgiveness – Sets You Free

By Meghan Mitchell | Aug 18, 2018

Forgiveness – Sets You Free “It’s the hardest thing to give away And the last thing on your mind today It always goes to those who don’t deserve It’s the opposite of how you feel When they pain they caused is just too real Takes everything you have to say the word Forgiveness, forgiveness” –…

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