Weddings & Handfastings

Rev. Meghan K. Mitchell is an interfaith minister which means she is open and allowing of all faiths and none. This means your personalized, unique wedding can be as religious or spiritual or not as you wish it to be. It is your sacred day. She is always honored to be a part of it.

Your journey starts with a complimentary, no-obligation interview to make sure you are content with her as your officiant. Should you choose Rev. Meghan to officiate your ceremony, you get: unlimited consultations by phone, e-mail and/or text; a personalized ceremony lovingly crafted and tailored for you using your love story, memories and thoughts, values and beliefs; suggestions for readings, rituals, and vows -- or guidance in writing your own vows. Ceremony length:15 -20 minutes or couple’s preference. Rev. Meghan is available also for a rehearsal to ensure a smooth and seamless ceremony on your wedding day.

Baptisms, Blessings & Naming Ceremonies

Congratulations! You may be expecting a child or you may already have been blessed with the arrival of your baby. Bringing a child into the world and creating or enhancing your family is on of the most amazing blessings you’ll experience. As an Ordained Interfaith Minister, I have designed one of a kind, heart-warming, memorable ceremonies that not only welcomes babies but also provide a sacred blessing (or baptism) and naming the child as well. Regardless of the religion or spirituality or none, customs and beliefs are interwoven into a spiritual, loving ceremony for you and your family. Your choice of venue. Included is a complimentary meeting to connect and determine your preferences for this special day.



Space Clearing - Smudging

The concept of Space Clearing is an ancient practice found in many native traditions of clearing residual emotional energy or the energy or entities from a space. Over time, energies may become negative and heavily imprinted into the surrounding area and objects we live or work around. Space can be  subjected to geopathic stresses, negative energy radiations, and electrical discharges. Every thought, word and action has an energy and can lodge itself in the very fabric of your place of work, or home. Through the use of techniques learned via Denise Linn’s Elemental Space Clearing training, the space will be cleared of stagnant energies and an immediate change in the atmosphere is often felt.  Nearly any space will benefit from a clearing. It's recommended to do a space clearing once a year or anytime major life shifts occur. Clearing energy from a space can stimulate everything from increased monetary abundance to better emotional health.

Memorials & Funerals

Compassionate, personalized, celebrant services for religious, non-religious, or spiritual services and ceremonies.

Some loved one’s are clear in their final wishes. In some instances there is no definitive direction in deciding how to create a service.  Rev. Meghan will create a service honoring the final wishes of your loved one and support you in creating a ceremony that might include rituals that are common to your faith tradition or personal vision to memorialize your loved one. Religious or not, love prevails and is the ultimate path. Every family has a unique expression of their relationship and love for the one they have lost. You will be supported, allowing for an authentic expression of your family and friend’s grief, love and gratitude.


Rev. Meghan K. Mitchell

An Interfaith Minister ordained through the Esoteric Interfaith Theological Seminary, Rev. Meghan performs weddings, baptisms, handfasting and other spiritual ceremonies. For over 15 years, she has been part of over fifty wedding ceremonies. She has helped numerous couples create a sacred contract filled with love and respect.

She has performed many baptisms, naming ceremonies, memorials and funerals. All with love, honor and respect. She designs each service based off of the preferences of those involved. She has loved and lost and loved again. She understand the pain of grief and the joy of new beginnings.

She is a member in good standing with her church and is even a board member. Her belief system is open and allowing of all faiths and beliefs - and none. Regardless of your religious background or faith, your ceremony will be tailored to your needs - spiritually and heart centered.

Frequently Asked Questions