Creative Alchemy

A Creative Journey to Deeper Spirituality

Transform your everyday activities with Creative Alchemy. This course will help you reconnect with your own innate and divine creativity. During the 14 week course, Meghan K. Mitchell will be your guide as we explore creativity via experiential opportunities, weekly group webchats and  inspiration through Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Included in the course are a ton of goodies to help delve deeper into your creative transformation.

Creative Alchemy - your guiding compass as your transform your creative soul!

The Journey begins 1/1/2019.

  • Are you in transition and seeking your next steps?

  • Do you feel blocked, stuck and unable to fully express your creative gifts?

  • Do you have creative goals but have difficulty finding motivation and making things happen?

  • Is carving time and space for yourself, within the demands of busy, everyday lives challenging?

  • Are you already a practicing creative who needs inspiration and encouragement to keep producing?

  • Would you like to really experience inner peace and enjoy your creative energy in a new way?



Creative Alchemy is based on Meghan K. Mitchell’s trainings and inspired by the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. This 14 week course is a collaborative effort to reconnect with our own innate creativity. It is designed to reignite your belief in yourself, live more in the moment and help define your life’s purpose.

Through facilitated discussions and a Creative Alchemists Tribe Facebook Group you will be supported on this journey to deeper spirituality and enhanced creativity!

Reconnect and reignite your creative expression without fear or limitations.

Learn to live more in the moment and enjoy inner peace, joy and abudance.

Process and transform your live via the creative and experiential opportunities in this class.

Connect with a tribe of like minded souls in a sacred community of Creative Alchemists!

Uncover Spiritual tools to boost your creativity and find abundance in your life!



"You don’t even have to be an ‘artist’ to derive great benefit from this course."

~ Dana L., coaching client


Regardless of whether you consider yourself an artist - truth is we are, we are all creative. From the moment we wake up, we are creating. Deciding on our outfit for the day - creating. Mentally taking stock of today’s activities - creating.  Smiling at a loved one - creating. Eating a meal - creating. Everything we do is a part of the creation process. This course is designed to mindfully take you through reconnecting and rediscovering your creative self.

14 Weekly Webchats via Zoom (or call in)
Private Facebook group to vibe with a Creative Tribe!
Participants will send weekly check-ins to stay on track and will receive feedback / guidance
Journal covering on the topic of each week
One - ½ hour Coaching Session with Meghan K. Mitchell - FREE!
Weekly replays available to participants
Bonuses each week - info on crystals, essential oils, herbs, meditations and rituals to enhance each lesson!
AND MORE! (Total Value Over $2,000)




I found The Artist's Way to be a book that initiated the greatest change - on a soul level - in my life. I've used it to create a coaching program which as brought amazing transformations for clients.

There is a profound spiritual (not religious) component to this work. Personally, I believe if we follow the thought that we are created in God’s image and God is the Creator, then we, too, are Creators. For many, we’ve just lost that connection and need re-booting or re-connecting like a computer or WIFI.

As an interfaith minister, I consider myself open and allowing of all faiths, practices and religions - and none. As an eclectic spiritual philosopher and coach, I love sharing different paths and practices with others who will discover something new or perhaps forgotten. This is one such practice. Regardless of your religious faith, this is a practice that anyone can do. If you prefer, take the religious references out when reading the text book.

Look at it as a way to go deeper in, to your true self. Take this time as an opportunity to become a mindful and intentful participant in your own creative process. Knowing the entire time, you are supported and part of a magical community of Creative Alchemists!

Founder, Metaphysician and Soul Alchemist