New Moon in Cancer-July 13, 2018 “Crystal Visions”

New Moon in Cancer-July 13, 2018 "Crystal Visions"

Happy SUPERNewMoon Solar Eclipse!!!

There is so much happening in the skies at this moment, that is it truly an amazing time to view the Stars and Planetary events. Jupiter, Mars, as well as Arcturus and many other constellations are able to be seen above us just after dark. During this next few days of the Dark Moon, we are gifted a beautiful opportunity to see all that the Cosmos has to offer us, if we open ourselves up to our emotions, and are ready to embark on the next phase of the journey inward.


Cancer New Moon, feels safe at home in her native planet, and as a feminine water sign, her energy says calmly, "I Feel". She helps us to examine our deepest needs and emotions within our Soul. The depths of the Soul, premonitions, and dreams. The Origins, the home, and the need for a feeling of security. Our Well-being, homelands, and homesickness, traditions; Our Way of Life.

Attachments to Ones own Native Land, whilst experiencing a sort of "emotional wanderlust"-Creative Dreams. Artistic Visions.

The central theme of development at this time is of the Self- Growing, Learning Life Lessons through the home, family, homeland, Ancenstral Roots, and the experience of ones own inner world.

Striving for harmonious connection between the outer environment and the depths of ones own soul. Unconscious Mind. The Past. A very strong time psychically for those born under the Sun, Moon, or Ascendant Cancer, as well as those of Water or Earth Sun and Moon signs.

The Sun and Moon both in the sign of Cancer bridge together the analytical mind and emotional soul. The Conscious and Unconscious. Reason blended with feeling. Will aligned with Wishes. The interplay of wishes and wanting, of conscious striving and instinctive urge of the masculine and feminine aspects of oneself.  

The Waking Consciousness and the Dream Consciousness. Individuality and Family Heritage. Balance. Stability. Finding oneself and ones' own place in life. Awakening to All That Is. Inner and Outer Healing. Major Emotional Purging. Things falling into place according to subconscious will- Rapid Manifestation-Spiritual Blossoming.

Harmonious Accord between taking action and the willingness to simply let things happen. Finding and blending the right mixture of energies in order to create ones' own Alchemical Destiny.

Balance between the Masculine and Feminine portions of Nature, between the childhood Self, and the adult Self.

Cancer New Moon allows us the nurturing, Divine Mother energy to hold us as we integrate and balance our inner emotions. Grandmother Moon offers us a feeling of safety and security within our circle- friends, family, and soul tribe. At home in her sign, she provides an empathizing, romantic and dreamy energy within our relationships.

Strong Divine Mother Energy~Fertility~Abundance~Intuition~Moods~Protection~Crystal Fairy Land Castles~Pink Smoke Clouds~Magic Rainbows~Unicorns & Moonbeams~Lucid Dreams~Cosmic Realms~Star Gazing~Meditations

"Now here I go again

I see the Crystal Visions

I keep my visions to myself

It's only me who wants

To wrap around your Dreams

And have you any dreams you'd like to sell?"

~Dreams, Fleetwood Mac

*This is a great New Moon to set intentions towards Big Dreams- keep a dream journal at this time to see what messages Spirit is giving you through Dreamtime. A vision or epiphany may be provided at this time*

Being the first of 3 major eclipses over this summer, this Solar Eclipse can give us opportunities for major inner/outer growth in our lives if we can let go and embrace the lesson the Universe is trying to show us.

Solar Eclipses can be a time of great changes and this one being in Cancer can create changes in home and family. Moving into a new home, getting married or the arrival of a new baby could be just a few happy changes correlated with this New Moon Eclipse.

The Solar Eclipse combined with the Strong Mars retrograde in Capricorn can create unexpected changes, challenging you to nurture yourself, respect your deepest needs, and boundaries, whilst creating a balanced healthy Center of Love within. Issues with passionate communication may be on the agenda. Be sure to come from a place of Authenticity and Respect for Oneself, and the Whole of Humanity.

Mars, the Sacred Warrior, back to defend and bring Light to Mother Earth in her time of Rebirth. The Divine Masculine using his passion and will wisely, in co-creation with The Divine Feminine to harness Global Unconditional Love. An Ancient Alchemical Love Story~ The Awakening & Ascension of the Divine Mother. Solar & Lunar. Outer & Inner. Upper & Lower. Assimilation of Emotions. Duality- Back to Unity.

Prayer, Ritual, & Ceremony in order to Transform our Energies into a Foundation of Love for the World.

Mother Earth, The Divine Feminine, and Mothers in general may be affected emotionally this Moon. Reach out and send some Love to the Divine Feminine, Gaia, and the Mothers in your life.

While this can be an extremely emotional time, a healing purge is happening upon us from the Cosmos at this time. Let go of all that does not serve you, as the next month of Eclipses will bring many opportunities for shared growth, community understanding and emotional balance. When one door closes, many more are open. If you are feeling very emotional, release in any way that feels best for you- hydrotherapy, water meditations, spending time with close loved ones, time by the ocean, drinking water, poetry, soft music and star gazing can all be very comforting to guide you through this moon cycle.

Archetype~ The Poet, The Mother

The Shadow~ The Eternal Child

Strives for~Emotional Safety & Security

Task in Life~Forming Emotional Bonds & Expressing Deep Feelings

Pitfall~Flight into Wishful Thinking; refusal to become an adult

Mythological Motif~The Crab which bit Hercules in the heel as he fought against Hydra, and All the Stories related to The Great Mother.

*This New Moon may particularly affect- Doctors, Nurses, Kindergarten Teachers, Psychologists, Actors, Musicians, Writers, Art Historians, as well as positions in the area of family, groups, Native Homelands, and preservation of regional traditions-politics, gastronomy, society, club work.

Crystals~All shades of Moonstone, Labradorite, Selenite, Calcite, Amethyst, Lemurian Quartz Crystal, Moss Agate, Aquamarine, Apaches Tear, Chalcedony, Pearl, Abalone

Herbs & Essence~ Mint, Sage, Fennel, Parsley, Mugwort, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Myrrh, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Cucumber, Aloe, Lotus, Water Lily, Sea Kelp Pink Salt Bath.

Colors~ Pearl, Baby Blue, Silver

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