Energy Medicine

Chakras illustrated over human body with natural crystals and pendulum

Chakra Balancing

Chakras regulate energy flow through the energy body, into and through the physical body and back out to the universe. Chakra balancing and cleansing restores harmony and helps us to better navigate day-to-day life.


Release of non supporting limiting patterns and beliefs

Grounding of your physical self with your spiritual self simultaneously which promotes a feeling a strength, confidence, calm, and happiness

Increasing manifesting abilities to achieve what you want in life



A Japanese energy healing technique that works without time and distance restraints – uses gentle touch to lower stress, strengthen the immune system, and bring about deep relaxation. Reiki supports the well-being of the physical body and promotes deep relaxation and balance of the mind, body and spirit.  Reiki is a gentle transfer of universal energy through the practitioner to the client. Clients remain fully clothed, aromatherapy, soft lighting and music may be incorporated to enhance the experience.


Promotes harmony, balance, and a positive mindset

Creates deep relaxation and the release of stress and tension

Accelerates the body’s self healing by dissolving energy blocks, supporting immune system, and cleansing emotional and spiritual challenges

Aroma Crystal Chakra Facial

Elevate your skin care experience. When we are balanced within, the radiance and light shine through.

More than just a facial - this transcendent experience includes soothing, clearing and deeply relaxing techniques help to boost blood circulation, improve lymphatic drainage, eliminates toxins, reduces puffiness and eases early signs of aging.

Using the natural energy from crystals and a kansa wand to bestow a sense of calm and a tailored base with essential oils to balance the body’s energy flow. All of these work together beautifully to help improve skin lustre and appearance. Leaving the skin looking and feeling hydrated and radiant. This treatment will encourage the skin to rejuvenate, rehydrate, detoxify and relax.

The facial ends with a crystal facial grid, selected gemstones are placed on Chakra points bringing a balanced energy system to a deeper level. Time is allowed for you to come into energetic alignment - balancing the body, calming the mind and awakening the soul.

The session concludes with an Oracle Card and a closing gift of a crystal specific to the Chakra that is most in need of healing/balance will be given.

woman crystal facial


Reduce signs of aging

Improve skin soft glow and appearance

Eliminate toxins and reduce puffiness

Improve lymphatic drainage

Our Energy Medicine Staff

Rev. Meghan K. Mitchell

Soul Alchemist: Coach, Hypnosist, Minister, Teacher, Speaker, Psychic & Healer

Kathy Grande

Soul Alchemist: Coach, Teacher, Hypnotist,
Psychic & Healer

Mckenna Rita

Soul Alchemy Assistant, Reaki Practionner & Crystal Healer

Eliza Micucci

Reiki Practitioner
& Astrologer