Energy Medicine



A Japanese energy healing technique that works without time and distance restraints – uses gentle touch to lower stress, strengthen the immune system, and bring about deep relaxation. Reiki supports the well-being of the physical body and promotes deep relaxation and balance of the mind, body and spirit.  Reiki is a gentle transfer of universal energy through the practitioner to the client. Clients remain fully clothed, aromatherapy, soft lighting and music may be incorporated to enhance the experience.


Promotes harmony, balance, and a positive mindset

Creates deep relaxation and the release of stress and tension

Accelerates the body’s self healing by dissolving energy blocks, supporting immune system, and cleansing emotional and spiritual challenges

Crystal Healing

Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system focused on treating clients holistically through precise placement of crystals on / surrounding the body and the session room.

Crystal Healing assists in all areas of our lives. This therapy can promote good health in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies based on the healing vibrations naturally found in crystals. With Crystal Healing Sessions the goal of a session may include re-alignment of your energetic frequencies and/or removal of any emotional and energetic blocks.

Crystal therapy is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process. Whether you believe in the physical healing properties of crystals or not, the therapy itself will offer you a chance to lie back, relax and get in touch with your body's energies so you can leave feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed - a perfect platform for improved physical health.

Clients remain fully clothed during the session and recline on the therapy table while the Crystal Therapist places specific stones about the body and surrounding area for healing benefits based on what the client would like to focus on in the session.

May also be experienced from a distance in the comfort of your own home. The Crystal Therapist will create a grid based on what the client is seeking to change.


Relief from stress and tension

Increase in calmness, focus,relaxation and well being

Release of old emotions, beliefs and patterns

Goddess_Gathering_18-1043-crystal healing

Chakras illustrated over human body with natural crystals and pendulum

Chakra Balancing

Chakras regulate energy flow through the energy body, into and through the physical body and back out to the universe. Chakra balancing and cleansing restores harmony and helps us to better navigate day-to-day life.


Release of non supporting limiting patterns and beliefs

Grounding of your physical self with your spiritual self simultaneously which promotes a feeling a strength, confidence, calm, and happiness

Increasing manifesting abilities to achieve what you want in life

Medical Intuition

Medical intuitive sessions energetically scan your body and to uncover information about health related imbalance, illness pain and other conditions. A session reveals emotional, mental and spiritual issues that may be instigating illness and pain. Guidance and recommendations for healing and strengthening the body, clearing the mind and reconnecting to your soul are offered in the session.


Understand the root cause of an illness and what steps to take to start the healing process

Provides insights into your health and well being and detect newly emerging issues that should be addressed before they become an illness

Gain an understanding of the mind/body/spirit connection and how energetic imbalances may create “pre-illness” through habits and patterns


Our Energy Medicine Staff

Rev. Meghan K. Mitchell

Soul Alchemist: Coach, Hypnosist, Minister, Teacher, Speaker, Psychic & Healer

Kathy Grande

Soul Alchemist: Coach, Teacher, Hypnotist,
Psychic & Healer

Mckenna Rita

Soul Alchemy Assistant, Reaki Practionner & Crystal Healer

Maureen Nelson

Licensed Massage Therapist & Vegan Lifestyle Coach

Eliza Micucci

Reiki Practitioner
& Astrologer