Full Moon in Pisces – August 26, 2018

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Spiritual Solitude - Full Moon In Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces~ Aug. 26, 2018

Themes: *Mysticism * Magic * Creativity*

Merry Full Moon! This weekend is set to have a sentimental, day-dreamy nostalgic feel to it, with it being a magical time for intuition. Enhanced dream time, heightened sensitivity in relationships, and clarity into your hearts calling, can illuminate what's blocking you from divine love, within yourself and with your beloved. Creative inspiration may also be in the mix, as the Piscean energy can move us to express ourselves artistically.

The Pisces Full Moon activates the Divine Feminine and produces a 'flow' of receptive, harmonious energies between the left and right hemispheres of the brain= Balanced Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects of Oneself- and humanity as a whole.

Pisces has a great longing for spiritual experiences, transcendent worlds, or simply a release from the confines of the body, which can be experienced as a prison.

Pisces places little values on the values of this world, and is therefore willing to make sacrifices to help others. Boundless sympathy often moves Pisces. This is the sign of great spiritual advisors who listen and understand without evaluating.

The energy of this Full Moon can urge us to go within, finding seclusion in our dreams, and deepest feelings.

As we emerge from the grips of the last mercury retrograde- (we've been under an intense retrograde period) 7 planets have had us taking 'pause' in several areas of our lives- in order to release hidden baggage trapped in our systems, some from many different lifetimes. The three major eclipses this year granted further clarity into where we need change in our lives, and as a planet- in order to achieve authentic, collective Oneness. This is the time to take stock of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bounty, and see what areas need attention or adjusting. We are being asked to take the leap of faith, to believe in the magic of ultimate possibilities, and let go of any negative thought programming that could hinder the process of manifesting our truest desires.

Spend some time over the next week, letting your "fantasies" run wild in your mind- when we can visualize what it is we are setting out to create, then write it out to enhance the "vision"- amazing things can take place. Some call this the Law of Attraction, others are acquainted with it as Manifest Destiny, while some simply call it "Magick". There is no better time for these techniques, as a Pisces Full Moon.

"I'm an Orange Moon

I'm brighter than before, brighter

Reflecting the light of the Sun

Smile at me"

-Erykah Badu~ Orange Moon

Devotion, sacred meditation, mantras, prayer, crystals, plumes of palo santo, copal, rose, water lily, and violet scented incense, purple velvet, lilac candles, chimes, gongs, chants, song, all types of spiritual rejuvenation are associated with Pisces.

The fish that swims in two worlds- one that can be seen on the top of the rushing shores of emotion, and one that dives deep in the depths of the subconscious- mystical, wise, divine. Pisces is known as the old soul, "The Medium", holding profound sacred wisdom.

Pisces' ability to hold calm in the face of chaos has been learned and practiced for centuries.

The meditative and serene energies this Full Moon will produce will finally 'light the way' for a time of new beginnings in many of our lives- coming out of many intense energies and rapid changes in the last few months- many have been experiencing fatigue, headaches, body aches, and a general feeling of a weight thats been being carried around- it will finally be lifted in the next week following the Full Moon. Many will feel and "see" the early changes of the energetic shift this weekend. Those born under the Pisces Sun or Moon, as well as other Water signs (Scorpio and Cancer) will be most affected by the changes in energetic frequency. Spiritual Downloads. Divine Feminine & Masculine Balance. Energetic Reconfiguration. Emotional Transmutation. Clarity of Hearts Desires. 'Higher' Education. Physical Affection. Cosmic Intuition. 'Clair' Activations. Astral Travel & Dream Messages.

A highly empathic time. Enhanced contact with spirit guides, elementals, animal totems. Painting, Poetry, Pottery, Music, Mythological  Stories, Spiritual Journeys, Awakenings.

Mars retrograde ends the day after this Full Moon- and we will feel the shift begin to go full-speed into our deepest passions that which makes us feel fully vital, joyful, and alive. Places we have felt stuck or unable to move forward for some time, will begin to flow once more, giving us empowered and motivated 'fuel' to charge us ahead and achieve that dream. Prayer, meditation, healing, barefoot ocean walks, hand in hand with a loved one, can be extremely releasing at this time. The watery energy of the Pisces Full Moon, will make this a beautiful one for dreamy romantics, and sentimental encounters. You could find yourself daydreaming about sacred journeys, lose yourself in a fantasy novel, or simply enjoy a relaxing day to yourself.

A wonderful way to enjoy the Full Moon is to simply bask in her light, letting anything that isn't "of the light" go, by breathing gently and meditating under the Moon. Try it with a piece of Amethyst crystal, to connect fully with the Piscean energy. As a stone of protection, and spiritual wisdom, Amethyst can provide a beautiful, relaxing feeling to enhance your experience. Pisces also rules the feet- going for a swim, a soak in warm pink Himalayan salts, foot massage, or even a pedicure, could be a special treat this weekend.

Archetype~ The Prophet

The Shadow~ The Unstable Person

Strives for~ Being One with the Holy Spirit

Pitfall~ Mistaking the spirit of wine for the Holy Spirit

Guiding Principle~ I sense. Or: I love.

Mythological Motif~ Fish that save the heroes (Jonah) by swallowing them and spitting them out after a phase of purification (rebirth)

Crystals~ Amethyst, Peach Moonstone, Sugilite, Charoite, Aura Quartz, Flourite, Labradorite, Aquamarine, Chrome Diopside,

Spirit Quartz, Abalone Shell, Stichtite.

Herbs & Essence~ Amber, Ylang Ylang, Sandlewood, Myrrh, Palo Santo, Lotus, Lavender, Rose, Water lily, Orchid, Aloe, Eucalyptus, Chlorella, Irish Moss, Seaweed, Nettle, Mugwort, Sage, Pine, Reishi

Colors~ All shades of Purple, Blue, Gold

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