Full Moon in Scorpio – April 29/30, 2018

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Merry Full Moon in Scorpio!

Keywords: *Surrender* *Transformation* *Rebirth*

This Full Moon is sure to have our unconscious, hidden, buried treasures of emotion coming to the surface for ultimate healing. Scorpio itself is said to be the sign of spiritual rebirth, as well as sex, death, and deep transformations.

“Cease Looking for Flowers,
There Blooms a Garden in your own Home.
While you look for trinkets,
The Treasure House awaits you
In your Own Being.”
In opposition to the Sun in Taurus, it can create a feeling of urgency in completely releasing all that no longer serves you, in order to root and ground yourself fully, into your own divine potential.
As a Scorpio Moon native myself, having gone through many transitions spiritually and emotionally recently, I have to say this is an intense time of Awakening, and Spiritual Rebirth. Many of us, especially those working close to the Earth, and those actively pursuing transformative soul-healing, will be “charged” up with this Full Moon Energy.
Deep emotions will be purged, let it out if you feel the need to release through tears, laughter, or song. This will facilitate the flow of energy release, thus creating an open place within, to begin anew.
The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio @ 9 degrees can also point to where we may need to cut out excess from our lives at this time:
Scorpio 9′ degrees~ “A dentist hard at work” -Overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings.”
Having the will-power, tenacity, and determination against ones own baser desires. The need within to transform and rise above the Earthly desires of Man. Emotional Transformation, Intestinal Fortitude, Divine Inspiration.
The final step on the Journey,
To full and Total Freedom of the Soul.
 Goals & Intentions set at the last New Moon can now be “harvested”. Time to look at where in your life ( or within) there’s that last bit of negative thought pattern or cycles to release once and for all. Relationships, jobs, and unhealthy beliefs about yourself, that are no longer in harmony with your current vibration, will be exiting your life this month.
As the flowers begin to bloom over the next few weeks, take a moment to stop and see your own beautiful soul reflected back from the colorful petals, as a transformed blossom.

Tools For The Full Moon

Crystals~ Labradorite, Rainbow Moonstone, Garnet, Onyx, Lithium Quartz, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, Obsidian, Shungite Water
Herbs & Essences~ Palo Santo, White Sage, Copal, Jasmine, Rose, Bergamot, Himalayan Pink Salt & Dead Sea Salt Bath
Colors~ Deep Burgundy, Black

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