1. I am a mutt; the best qualities of many breeds: mom, teacher, healer, intuitive, coach...and soul
2. Aries here with a Libra rising. While my motto is “Let’s get started!” I temper it with maintaining balance and fairness. I bring this into my work to motivate and encourage.
3. I have eyes that change with the colors around me. Green, Blue, Hazel, Aqua, Gray-you never know!
4. Do I feel my age? In my mind, I feel I’m in my twenties, but my body disagrees with me depending on what activities I try!
5. I am a world class organizer. It’s innate. It was a particularly handy skill to have as a special education teacher and it serves me well in life!!
6. I wanted to work with special needs children since I was in 5th grade. I made that a reality for 31 years - and counting, now in a different fashion.
7. I’ve always been empathic and intuitive, but didn’t start seriously developing it until my late 30’s after a spiritual “wake up.”
8. I am the proud mom to 2 wonderful grown children. Gina, a Gemini and Ryan, a Pisces. Both are in helping fields. Gina is an emergency technician in a veterinary hospital and Ryan is a personal trainer and completing his college education for Occupational Therapy Assistant.
9. I have a crazy little “granddog” named Colby. A feisty Chihuahua mix who follows me like my shadow.
10. I’ve been interested in the paranormal my whole life and have read and studied an eclectic mix of topics: ghosts, witchcraft, healing, UFO’s, auras, prophecies…
11. I am a trained hospice volunteer. I find it rewarding and am honored to be present to help my clients transition.
12. I love reading and have so many books I’ve had to weed out some to make room for my favorites (you know, the ones you keep going back to reread)
13. I finally broke down and bought a Kindle last month. I really love holding a book, but I have to say, there is something about being able to bring a Kindle and have a selection to read at any given time.
14. Breathwork is something which has gotten me through many stressful situations and I teach to everyone who comes to me for sessions.
15. I love color. I can’t choose a favorite since I love them all.
16. I like to surround myself with soothing colors but sometimes I have to put in a splash to liven things up.
17. I think I took every art class my highschool offered. It was a toss up as to whether I should pursue special education or art therapy as a major.
18. I’m someone who will tell you the truth. It’s not in my nature to beat around the bush-who’s got time for that? (it’s an Aries thing)
19. I’ve experienced many difficult situations in my life and so I’m able to understand what others are going through.
20. I just realized I’m only on number 21!!!
21. I hate breaking a sweat, but I will if someone is chasing me. Kidding - I try to walk at least 3 or 4 times a week. I may even break out a workout tape if I’m feeling crazy.
22. I was a cheerleader in middle school. I was super quiet so when I made the team, no one could believe it.
23. My first paying job aside from babysitting was waitressing at a pizza restaurant. I still love pizza.
24. One of my passions is gardening. I love flowers and landscaping. My back porch is a jungle.
25. I’m better at growing flowers than vegetables, but I refuse to give up! I will grow the perfect tomato one day!!
26. I’m adopted. I have one sister who was also adopted that I grew up with.
27. I found my birth mother and now I have 4 half siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers.
28. I don’t like heights or bridges. I tried mountain climbing in Colorado, started crying midway and had to stop.
29. My favorite seasons are spring and fall. I love the temperature, smells, and continuous changes of these two seasons.
30. Every July, when the stores put out school materials, I have the urge to buy supplies. I can’t seem to break the habit!!
31. I collect dragons and fairies.
32. When I was a child, I used to pretend I was a mermaid. I would stay underwater as long as I could watching the sunlight dappling the bottom of the pool.
33. To this day, when the sun hits the bottom of a pool, I long to dunk under and watch (sadly, my contacts wouldn’t like that and if I took them out, I wouldn’t be able to see)
34. I sing out loud and make up my own songs when I’m in my house. They’re ridiculous and funny and they make me laugh.
35. I sing and hum when I’m stressed. I don’t realize I’m doing it.
36. I have many different accents that I used to keep the attention of my students. Sometimes, I find myself using them in conversations. If this happens when I’m with you, just go with it.
37. I have a small car, but it has great storage options! (it’s that organization thing)
38. I named my daughter after Geena Davis because her then husband, Jeff Goldblum, called her “achingly lovely.”
39. I named my son after Jake Ryan, the hunky character from Sixteen Candles. Enough said!
40. I love most animals! (I tolerate spiders and bugs)
41. There is no such thing as too much sparkle. Sparkle and glitter take me to my happy place.
42. I have a thing about soft blankets and textiles. My friends know that when we shop, I have to touch things.
43. I usually only watch movies that are funny. There’s already too much sadness in the world.
44. I’m a realist who sees the world through rose colored glasses. Not a contradiction!
45. I’m really a brunette, but my hairstylist changed me to blond to blend the “gray highlights” I’ve developed.
46. I’ve recently added blue streaks to part of my hair. Why not? Age shouldn’t determine what you can or can’t do.
47. The sun and I are not friends. I burn. Self tanner is my friend.
48. I’m half Irish and half Spanish. Obviously, my skin is Irish.
49. I’m not sure if blonds have more fun, but I’ll keep you posted.
50. I still substitute teach every now and then because I love teaching.
51. I now combine my teaching skills with my holistic background to reach those dealing with stress.
52. At times, I will stop my son in what he is doing and make him dance with me. They’re ridiculous dances. Mainly, he holds my hand and stares at me like I’m crazy. My goal is that someday, he will actually dance! Life is too short not to dance!
53. My daughter has the same sarcastic dry sense of humor that I do. When we get together, we crack each other up.
54. My guilty pleasure is reading funny paranormal romance novels. Shh, don’t tell anyone!
55. My personal goal is to guide people in creating the life they really want; to help them overcome limiting beliefs and find joy and happiness.