meatvegas2015-768x10241. I am a mage – healer, shaman, teacher and alchemist rolled into this bundle!

2. Virgo here - but I present more like a Libra (my rising) in many things - though I am a natural caregiver and nurturer.

3. My hair color changes along with the seasons. I’ve even branched out from the non-traditional colors - teal, purple, and electric blue are hidden beneath the blonde offering a surprise of color when I turn around.

4. I look and feel nowhere near my actual age (44 in 2016) - sometimes this means people don't take me seriously - age is not indicative of knowledge, kindness or spirituality.

5. I’m what my friends have termed a “white-girl-rapper” - I love rap music, specifically old school - first rap song I learned was Colors by Ice T!

6. Manifestor by default – I won ONE ticket to the Superbowl from a sales contest I didn’t even know I was in - and I went, by myself!

7. I have ADHD – it is not a label or an excuse – it makes me the kooky-sometimes-redhead my husband adores and I just so happen to adore squirrels – it is mere coincidence.

Married to a dynamic fiery Scorpio, Chris, who would love for me to tell you how he created a roller hockey move named after him called the “Hands Trick”. (I’ll be honest in that I don’t know what it is but I’m extremely proud of him!)

9. My puggle Herschel Walker (Beagle/Pug) and my bugg Gretzky The Great One(Boston Terrier/Pug) go to work with me each day (in my home office) and nuggles (our word for snuggling) with my clients.

10. All three of my children are Pisces – girl, boy, girl. Lots of love from my girls and I still get hugs and kisses from the boyo!

11. Magic (transformation and manifestation - not slight of hand though it is cool) has always fascinated me.

12. I have a collection of Bibles including the first one I got at age 6, my grandmother’s well-loved one and my German grandmother’s version in German.

13. My library where all my books are kept is my altar.

14. I’m addicted to reading and the Kindle fuels my insatiable need for jumping into the next book immediately!

Herschelatwork-768x102415. Meditation is my life, without it I am a distracted, nutball who is reactionary to anything that might be considered sensory overload.

16. I started meditation at the age of 3 with my mother.

17. Though I advocate for exercise, without my own motivators – kids, hubby, dogs; I doubt you’d see me ever break a sweat.

18. I joke that I’ve been in therapy for over 40 years... my mother is a psycho-therapist/occupational therapist, my mentor and my best friend.

19. Modeling professionally since the age of 15.

20. Small business owner of four businesses (a virtual assistant/web designer for non-profits - Virtually Unlimited started in 1996 and closed in 2003 after my divorce left me a single parent of two very young children; a banquet/dance hall that did not turn out as intended and closed in 2013, a healing/teaching practice started in 2004, The Tranquility Way which has morphed into Magical SOULutions) , in the last 20 years.

21. Only child but was blessed with step-siblings when my dad remarried - now I have a step-daughter in a very similar situation as my own. Talk about living through your child!

22. I love to subscribe to great magazines like Spirituality & Health, Mindfulness, Rocks & Gems, and so on but never read them.

schweblerweddingIperformed23. After studying philosophy and religion for years I became an ordained minister - non-denominational. I’ve married many couples, have baptized a few babies, done some hand-fastings, house blessings and cleansings, memorials and more over the last couple decades. No, I do not have my own church but am on the board of the Esoteric Interfaith Church.

24. I hung out with Ludacris while waiting in line to get into a record party once for about five minutes - though he probably didn't register our exchange, it was a highlight for me!

25. Dragons, oh how I love them. I have a collection of them hidden throughout my house - I’m hoping my husband won’t notice them.

26. I name my cars. Currently my SUV is named ED - short for El Diablo.

27. Crystals, gems and stones, oh my! I’ve been studying them since I was little and love the energy, color, textures and metaphysical properties.

28. Huge fan of Eric Clapton - his music just reaches my soul, especially when he plays instrumentals.

Romanceisimportant29. According to my daughter my cure for everything is to drink more water.

30. I named my daughter Mckenna after a character Jane Seymour played in the movie “Somewhere In Time”. I showed it to her and she was mortified because of the ending of the movie.

31. Catchphrase: It is what it is.

32. I’m a “long sleeper” (it is too a thing!) and need about 10 hours to truly function at optimal levels.

33. Soft things and I are friends - I’m tactile sensitive. Only I loathe microfiber.

34. Before I studied Tai Chi and Qigong, I had crappy balance/coordination leading me to break one of my littlest toes four times throughout my life.

35. I love love LOVE movies, stories and life with happy endings.

36. If I’m not quite ready to hear what an author is attempting to get across in their book, I will fall asleep each time I attempt to read it.

37. My husband was the first man I dated who gave me a book as a gift - he had me at page one.

38. Not a fan of cold weather, I’ve always believed I was meant to live in a warm climate - I’m working on this.

39. I look to find the positive in anything and prefer to live life this way!

40. Though I’m not a huge drinker (maybe a glass every couple weeks) I own five different glassware sets from each of my grandmothers and other family members.

41. While I am a sleeper - I’m a night owl! Bartending was a blast because of this! Mornings - not so much.

42. My first kiss was with a boy while at Bible camp.

43. When I direct tweet someone famous and they either favorite it or retweet it, I get giddy inside like I did when I was in Junior High and High School when the cool kids noticed me.

44. While I teach, coach and heal on many differing topics, I am not immune and continuously seek education, coaching and healing for myself - to be a better person not only for me and my family but my clients as well.

45. I wrote my first love story / soap opera when I was 12 - at Bible camp.

46. I was married at sunset on a beach - barefoot in the sand.