Gratitude Journaling

Gratitude Journal

Looking at what you’re grateful for each day, becomes even more powerful when making it a written activity. This can be intimidating for people who don’t like to write (I get it and honor that people don't) or who feel they may not have time to dedicate to such a practice.

If time is an issue, keep it short and simple. Whether you think you don't have strong writing skills or perhaps writing just isn't your wheelhouse, it is amazing what jotting down three sentences can do. Let’s see if we can’t make the process seem less stressful. There truly are some amazing benefits that come from the physical process of creating a record of gratefulness.

What's a Gratitude Journal?

The true bonus of a Gratitude Journal is that it’s actually a tool or a record. The important part is that you take the time each day to write a few things that make you feel blessed. Doing so can actually help in manifesting positive things.

Recording what you’re appreciative of each day brings a sense of gratefulness into that moment. It allows you to focus on the positive, helping you to become aware of opportunities you might otherwise have missed. It enhances mindfulness practices. Keeping a gratitude journal gives you a written record reflect on any time you’re feeling down or that your missing out on things. It can also provide you with motivation when you're struggling to push past obstacles.

Awesome Benefits

There are many benefits to keeping a gratitude journal. A writing practice like this ensures you remain focused on the positive. It doesn't mean there aren't moments when things are rough or get you down. We all experience ups and downs.

This practice shifts the focus, putting emphasis on finding the good in the moment which can help to provide you with the resilience and the encouragement to keep plugging along.

Your stress levels will decrease as you begin embracing an attitude of gratitude. The more you increase your mindfulness through this practice the more in the moment your become.

The act of writing is therapeutic in itself. Writing your gratitude moments helps to give you a different perspective on things that you might not see as readily without engaging in the process. You can identify patterns and insight into your life that might help you to identify opportunities and to grow.

Journal Tips

Consistency is one of the most important aspects when it comes to a gratitude journal. Some people journal twice daily. I recommend to my clients write at the end of the day, reviewing their day and finding the blessings in it before they crash for the night.

With today's technology, you can use digital options so you have write in your journal at any time that is most convenient for you.If you're using technology, you can keep your records in a spreadsheet or on Google docs or use one of the tons of apps that are available for this purpose.

There is a line of thinking that believes there is more energy in the act of writing something by hand. However, use the method that works best for you.

If you do prefer to hand write your gratitude journal, you might be inspired by a beautifully-bound paper journal or one that you can decorate with fun stickers (yes, I do happen to like this, I'm addicted to journal stickers!).

Whatever you choose, find one that speaks to you and start writing your gratitudes down immediately. No matter what you use, keep it by your bedside (if you write at night) or on easily accessed devices.

Turn writing your gratitudes into a ritual. Make it a process that feeds your soul. If writing at night isn't your thing, enjoy your morning coffee or tea while writing in your journal or light a candle while playing music you enjoy. Do it whatever way you will actually do it.

A gratitude journal can be an insightful and life-changing tool. It will have you looking for more and more blessings each day. It grows and grows along with your blessings, your mind shifts, abundance flows.

Remember, you only have to write three simple things you’re grateful for. There’s no need to make it complicated. Start your recording your blessings today and see what it can do for you.

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