Tribe Vibes


A free monthly group for parents to work with each other to problem solve, encourage, and guide each other.  The goal of this group is to empower you, the parent, to assist your child in developing confidence, independence, and responsibility whether they are traditional learners or unique in their learning style.  

Various topics will be discussed as well as Q&A sessions. Relaxation and stress management techniques will be included because a calm parent is an effective Parent!  

This is an online group allowing you to meet other parents from the comfort of your home. Instructions will be given to you when you signup.

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Our FREE Facebook Community is for anyone who has a desire to aligning their outer world with their soul purpose. They want to experience connectedness, extraordinary opportunities and live the best life. They want to unlock empowerment and light their soul!

The Magical SOULs Community provides guidance to help you reach your goals, while inspiring, encouraging and creating good vibes!