Holiday Hell to Holiday Happiness

Holiday Hell to Holiday Happiness

Dear Parents, Hold onto your hats because the holiday season almost here. Now is the time to get yourself into a calm state of mind because these upcoming holidays are the biggies and you’re going to need to get your zen on while dealing with cranky children, sulky teens and crazy family all while working, shopping, cooking and cleaning. Here are my 4 top tips to stay sane:

  1. Let go of perfection. It’s OK if the house is a little messy or the side table is a little dusty. Why stress over perfection when others don’t notice imperfections and if they do, then they can grab a cloth and start dusting! Holidays are for compassion, love, and giving. That is perfection.
  2. Learn to say no without guilt. Family problems? Being pulled in too many directions? Stay home this year and embrace the quiet. Give up hosting the parties and let someone else carry the load. Low stress holidays are a way to celebrate but still give yourself a much needed break. It’s all about knowing your limits and setting your boundaries.

  3. Set boundaries for your children. Let’s face it, kids are stressed just as much as we are when their schedules are switched. Give them a snack or dinner before a big family get together to curb the crankies. Set a time to leave the party and don’t be afraid to leave early if the kids start to lose it. This is no time to be wishy washy. They will behave better when they know that you mean what you say.

  4. Embrace the holidays by being in the present. Enjoy what’s happening in the moment, not worry about all the things you THINK you should be doing. Notice the little things around you. Give thanks. Express gratitude. Feel love for those around you. Keep the good memories front and center. Make new memories and enjoy the small moments.

My wish for you is simply peace and calm as you navigate the holidays. Break your patterns this year and see how it goes. Maybe you’ll love the feeling of less pressure and be able to relax and enjoy the holidays once again.

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