How to Tell if You’re Spoiling Your Child – QUIZ

Are you Spo

Let me start by saying that no one intentionally sets out to spoil their child. But in this material world with its skewed sense of entitlement, spoiling is all too easy to do! With that said, it does happen and we may or may not realize it.  Here’s a short quiz to determine if you may be raising a spoiled child.

*do you give in to your child’s demands?

*are you inconsistent with expectations and consequences?

*do you overindulge with material items?

*do you shield them from difficult emotions or situations?

*do you solve their problems without involving them?

*do you  neglect to teach them manners?

*do you need to bribe them to complete tasks or help you?

*do you allow them to be disrespectful to you and other adults or children?

Well, how did you do? If you answered yes, then you have some work ahead of you (if you choose.)  Each one of these issues is reversible with consistent work on your part. Consistency is Key!! I will be addressing these issues in my free webinars that are held once a month. Please check out our dates.   If you feel you cannot wait, please contact me and we can work together.

If you’re needing assistance with finding balance or want someone to connect with regarding parenting issues, schedule a Parent SOULutions Consult today!

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