Hypnosis 101

Hypnosis 101

You've probably heard one of the stories or saw a movie about hypnosis turning people into chickens or barking like dogs, people not being able to wake up, or someone is now controlling another person's mind. All of this has created a fear that someone else is controlling your mind and that somehow you are in an altered state over which you have no say. Three of the concerns I’ve heard most often are: no longer in control (which is usually a fear of sharing private information or doing something they don’t want to do), getting “stuck” in hypnosis, and religious fears that they’re opening a doorway to possession.

However many people believe hypnosis has helped change their lives, helping them succeed in their goals. It helped me personally with mine when wanting to decrease stress in my life. I saw such great value in it, I became a Certified Consulting Hypnotist to share this tool with my clients.

In fact, Kathy (our fabulous Parenting SOULutions Coach) found immense benefits from hypnosis when I practiced on her (part of my training required me to find people to work with) that she decided to pursue her certification. Tons of our clients have found success through hypnosis with many issues such as weight release, quitting smoking, other addictions, confidence, phobias, stress, better sleep, success, IBS, and many more issues.

So many people are missing out on this powerful yet amazingly safe therapeutic energy healing tool because they are too afraid to use it. In some countries, such as the UK, the use of hypnosis in therapy is so common place and accepted, insurance even covers it.

In the U.S., it’s an uphill battle to fight the bias created by misinformation and misrepresentations. We've found other words such as “creative visualization”, “guided imagery”, “relaxation” and other words used because they are more “acceptable.” My goal to dispel these fears by answering these common questions about hypnotherapy.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a trance-like state in which a person has a heightened focus and concentration. It is meditation with a goal. However most people find it easier to experience hypnosis than to meditate.

Can I even be hypnotized? Most people can go into a hypnotic trance, aka meditative relaxed state.

Who can not be hypnotized? Ultimately anyone who does not want to be hypnotized. It is very easy to resist hypnosis if you want to.

What is a hypnotic trance? The word "trance" can be intense and overwhelming to those who don't understand the inherent meaning which is "deeply relaxed state of being". It is a natural state that most of us experience several times a day. In fact many people experience "waking hypnosis". Have you ever driven somewhere and not really remembered the journey? Reading a book or watching TV show you become deeply immersed in can do it. Sometimes you can be so absorbed in the book or the program that you are not consciously aware that someone is talking to you.

How does that happen - waking hypnosis? Hypnosis focuses conscious attention in a specific area of influence. The conscious mind is so intensely focused other influences are not being critically analyzed (Virgos get this!) by the conscious mind (aka the crazy maker). We still hear other people, although we are not always truly present. Here's an example: you are in a place such as a restaurant or large gathering where several conversations are going on at once. They may all sound like a mass of background noise. However, if someone in one of those conversations happens to mention your name, you then consciously focus on that conversation. How did you know someone said your name? Your subconscious mind (which is far more powerful than your conscious mind) was listening to EVERY conversation AT THE SAME TIME! Mind blowing right? That is perhaps a reason why you can sometimes "just know" something. Your subconscious mind has absorbed it without you consciously being aware.

What does hypnosis feel like? When in hypnosis, you feel mentally and physically relaxed. You are able to let everything go during a session and just be. It is a very pleasant experience, and you are still in control always. You will hear exactly what is going on around you, unless you choose to allow your attention to drift away. You become aware you can easily stand up, talk, or move whenever you want. A lot of people (me included) when they first experience a hypnotic state move their fingers or hands in order to test whether they can move at will.

Can I be stuck in hypnosis? Once in a great while a client can be a little difficult to wake up though rarely. This is not a disturbing thing as it has been portrayed. Quite honestly, I've had people who have had a Reiki or Massage session with me who were even more difficult to rouse up out of their relaxed state. No one has ever been stuck in hypnosis. Let me repeat that. NO ONE has ever been stuck in hypnosis. It is more a case that a client just "can't be bothered" to wake up because it feels so pleasant to remain relaxed and in a state of release. However, soon our consciousness trickles in and we become bored and boom the session is over. It is rarely something that lasts more than a couple minutes.

Is hypnosis dangerous? A hypnotic trance is actually a very natural state that almost everyone goes into several times per day as mentioned earlier. In 1955 the British Medical Association set up an inquiry which favorably reported hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. It even recommended that it should be taught at medical schools. Hypnosis was also approved by the Council of Mental Health of the American Medical Association in September of 1958 as a safe practice with no harmful side effects. Though it has yet to become a widely accepted mainstream practice.  No one has been seriously hurt with hypnosis.

Can I be made to do things against my will? No. You will never be made to do anything against your will or contrary to your value system because you simply won't allow it. If this were the case, hypnosis would be utilized far more pervasively by those with criminal intent. Bank robbers would have a field day hypnotizing bank managers to open vaults and hand over a large sums of cash!

Will I tell all my deepest darkest secrets? Not unless you really want to. In hypnosis, you would not unknowingly reveal your deepest secrets. You can even lie when in hypnosis, which is one reason why testimony under hypnosis is not permissible in a court of law. Your ATM pin is safe unless you wish to share it.

Why do people bark like dogs on stage? A person only acts upon suggestions that serve them in some way or reinforce an expected behavior, anything else their subconscious will simply ignore. These misperceptions came about from seeing or hearing about a Stage Hypnosis show. However, these results are achieved through showmanship, selection of the more extrovert people, and peer pressure.

What does a session look like? First, each session is tailored to the individual client. Whether this is an in person session or being done by video chat, once we both get situated and comfortable we go though a pre-talk. Basically, I’m going to ask you a few questions and explain how things are going to work and hopefully you will have some questions for me. I explain I have no magic powers and I will not be overriding your will. We begin with setting intention for what YOU want to achieve from a hypnosis session. You decide the direction we take. My job is to help you get there.

Can hypnosis be performed via video chat or does it have to be done in person? Actually, hypnosis works very well via video chat. Online sessions are very convenient in terms of time and location. It allows the client to stay in whatever space they feel safest - sometimes that's in even in a car, an office or bedroom with a locked door and maybe headphones on. What's important is that it's the client's ideal situation for relaxation and active listening. It also works well for recording the sessions for repeated listening.

How long before I notice a change? In one session, you can expect to become more relaxed than you are right now. I have yet to have a client say they were unable to relax. In fact, most of my clients relax before the session truly even begins.

Most people in our society do not relax enough. Some people never seem to relax! Being more relaxed helps mental, emotional and physical problems and challenges that occur in our lives. I have often had clients share with me that people in their lives have noticed they seemed more relaxed after just one session.

In the past, I have significantly helped with problems such as IBS (which I have suffered from as well), sleep issues, ADHD, anxiousness, phobias and addictions, simply by doing relaxation work.

Hypnosis can bridge the gap between your head and your heart, making your goals much more emotionally compelling, mentally appealing and physically attainable which increases your intention of permanent change. Depending upon the intensity of your session, the use of affirmations and if you have a recording of the session, you will notice suggestions for the desired behavioral changes spontaneously popping into your conscious mind almost immediately.

Ready to find out more?

Schedule a session with either Meghan or Kathy today to experience hypnosis for yourself!

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