Foretelling the future with crystal pendulum

Psychic or Intuitive Readings

Psychic, Intuitive, Spirit, Spiritual, Medium or even Angel Readings. No matter what you call it, your session begins with one of our readers connecting to the energy within and around you. Then working with your Spirit Guides and Higher Self, our Spirit Guides and Higher Power your reader with a few insights, will then encourage you to share any questions, photos and / or memorabilia you have.

There is no 'fortune telling' or even telling of your future only a possible path for you to take should you choose to exercise your free-will. Nor are spirits on speed dial. There are no guarantees as to what may come up in your session. Each session is unique! There are times when we are guided to simply wait. Readings often bring about messages of healing or understanding allowing you to move forward, along with tools, tips and direction for future growth, or an understanding for closure and growth.

Soul Realignment™

Get to know who you are at a Soul level. Learn what divine and unique gifts you were born with and how you are meant to express them in your current lifetime. Learn what is holding you back. With this new awareness express yourself fully and experience a positive shift in your energy consciousness. 

Soul Realignment utilizes Akashic Records reading and clearing to help clients understand and express their Divine Gifts and Soul Purpose.


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Tarot / Oracle Readings

Both tarot and oracle cards are based on the energy as of right “now” and the answers you receive are never set in stone and may change (enter "free-will"). If you get an answer you are not particularly happy with, we can always read into why you got the answer you did, and we can figure out how you can change it to where you are happy.

Tarot or Oracle is a powerful tool for guidance, understanding and helping one to cope with challenges they are facing currently in their lives. Each reading is unique. Each card is chock full of symbolism that can relate to different aspects of your life - spiritual, emotional, mental or physical.

NOTE: There are no bad cards in any tarot or oracle deck. Some fear seeing the death or devil card. They each have different meanings depending on the question, the cards surrounding and the energy of the moment. When we change our perception of the image on the card, sometimes the result or answer is transformational.


Astrology is based on the concept that the planetary configurations in the sky at the time of your birth influence who you are and how your life may unfold. An Astrology reading will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and where you are in your journey by providing an in depth look at your life overall.

An Astrology reading can be general or focused around your particular issues. You will gain a better understanding of your gifts, strengths, special abilities and talents and any challenges or blocks you want to overcome.

Recording of the session and a report will be provided of your particular reading. Choose from Compatibility, Career, Relationships and Overall Transits and Progressions.

A Glimpse into your Celestial Blueprint. Astrological Natal Chart, describes Planetary positions, hidden ancient gifts and connections to past lives. Researched in depth and a report is compiled for you to keep.

Our Intuitive & Psychic Insights Staff


Rev. Meghan K. Mitchell

Soul Alchemist:
Coach, Teacher, Hypnosist, Psychic,
Healer, Speaker & Minister


Eliza Micucci

Reiki Practitioner
& Astrologer


Kathy Grande

Soul Alchemist:
Coach, Teacher, Hypnotist, Psychic
& Healer


Mckenna Rita

Soul Alchemy Assistant, Reaki Practionner
& Crystal Healer