It Sure Is Monday

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Monday, Monday, Monday!

With the alarm clock ting-a-ling ringin’ in my head
I woke up dog tired, beat down, half dead
Tryin’ to recover from another wild weekend
Chuggin’ down coffee while I should have been sleepin’

Well it sure is Monday isn’t it now
I gotta get myself through the week somehow
I had a ball Friday, Saturday and Sunday
But it’s all over now and it sure is Monday ~ (It Sure Is Monday by Mark Chesnut)

Most people abhor Mondays. Like the lyrics state, they just have to get through the week somehow to get to that glorious weekEND where everything in the World is right again. Spend a moment flipping through your news feed on Facebook and you’ll see any number of comics depicting the hopelessness of Mondays.

There are any number of graphics or MEMEs to choose from. Heck, you can even get t-shirts or mugs to go along with the whole, “I-hate-Mondays” theme. We could continue along with this thinking. But really where will this get us? You guessed it! Dreading Tuesdays!

Here’s the catch, what you think, has power! I’m sure you’ve heard this before but I’ll say it again. What you think, has power!

Take a moment to absorb this. If you’re thinking, “Monday’s suck!”, guess what? They will. Not only will that day be miserable and lackluster, so will the following days. Why? Because you are willing it to be so with your thoughts.

The reason the following days become more of the same is because when your Monday does end up being one gigantic ball of disappointment, you feel validated. You said it would be awful! It was awful because it was Monday right? Wrong! It was awful because you intended it to be so.

Try a little experiment. Wake up tomorrow morning (you can try it next Monday too but don’t wait too long to attempt this) and take in a deep breath. Pause. Then repeat to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day!”. Exhale. If you catch yourself having a negative thought about the day, an event or come upon someone else who may be miserable, repeat the thought. Taking a breath helps too, so go ahead and take another breath and exhale. I know you’ve been breathing all along but this breath is with the intention to wipe the thought “plate” clean. Imagine an etch-a-sketch. Shake it and watch it become clean, ready for a new positive thought.

Hopefully your day, week and future will be a bright and promising as you intend it to be! Stop working for the weekend – work for YOU!

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