Meet Your Guides

Meet Your Guides – spirit, angel, animal guides and more!

Ever felt a whisper of a breeze when no air is moving?
Have you had a feather drop in your lap?
Does a certain animal continuously appear in your daily life?
Is a particular phrase repeated throughout each day?

If you’ve answered, yes, to any of these questions, you’ve had an opportunity to meet your guides. At all times we are surrounded by a team of guides (spirit, angel, animals and more) that help us navigate this universe and all that’s in it. They are our spiritual support system that make our life easier and more successful. We can access these guides by raising our vibrational frequencies and asking for their help and guidance. Here is your opportunity to meet your guides – spirit, angel, animal guides and more.

Learn to connect to your spirit guides in a safe nurturing environment.
Understand how to tell the difference between your ego and your guideā€™s message.
Relax and open your senses during this class.
Connect with your guides.
Feel their love and understanding and know that you are never alone.

Your facilitators, Kathy Grande and Meghan Mitchell, have had decades of experience in working with and helping people connect with their guides. Each brings a unique perspective, training and background to allow you to meet your guides!


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