New Moon in Scorpio – November 7, 2018

Magical Power - New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon in Scorpio~November 7, 2018

Themes: *Depth *Shadow *Regeneration
Merry Full Moon in Scorpio!
The energies of this New Moon are set to be intense-emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Scorpio, known for its themes of death, and regeneration- will bring us deep down into the depths of our soul. What has been holding us back from our own personal ‘rebirth’ will be brought out from the shadows this New Moon- for true healing, and to be relinquished once and for all.
*Deeply Emotional Moon
*Major releasing; endings
*Caduceus energy- the snake eating its own tail- birth to death- the cyclical/circle of life
*Phoenix energy rising from the flames
*Intense relations with others, passions,
desires stirred- watch out for jealous or self-loathing tendencies
*Unplug and go within to shed ‘old skin’
*No more settling- time to rise into your place of power
Being born on a Scorpio New Moon myself, I am feeling the Dark Moon energy in such an intense way- and it couldn’t have come at a better moment in my life. Everything as I knew it has been turned upside down in the last few months, and like many of you right now, I am in the middle of the biggest transformation of my life. Scorpio, known for its amazing transformational power, can recreate itself over and over if need be, ebbing and flowing with the natural ways of the seasons- knowing when to hold on, and when to let go.
With the Sun and Moon conjunct in Scorpio, there is a push and pull between the Ego and the Shadow.
*The Experience and Consciousness of power and helplessness
*The Encounter of the Self- with its Shadow
*The Transformation of the Personality
These three aspects are the conduits or change that Scorpio grants us with. If we are able to face the ‘shadow’ in ourselves and others with love- we can transform that which shackles us to the past, and reclaim our own inner power.
Enormous powers of the soul- frequently unconscious to a large degree- that can be used for both the benefit and the destruction of others: powers of suggestion, healing powers, hypnotic abilities, and the subtle but highly effective power of magnetically attracting, fascinating, and captivating other people, as well as causing situations and events to occur on the enormous powers of desire. Strong interests in depth psychology, magical and occult knowledge and practices, archaic and shamanic rites, and all the taboos of a society, particularly death and sexuality.
This New Moon also coincides with many political elections- some of which will be dealing with issues surrounding natives’ rights, womens’ rights, protection for our children and future generations.
We will see many coming together, bridging the gap for change, transformation, and equality.
We have reached a critical time as a society- as a planet- in the renewal and regeneration of a culture; a species. It is time to come together and truly transform ourselves and the world around us. To rise as the Phoenix from the Flames- and regain a healthy whole Global Movement- as co-creators of a ‘Rainbow World’. Where Man, Woman, and Child can walk freely together in Harmony and Love. To release the hatred, the ignorant, unbalanced belief systems- politically, religiously, and culturally. Scorpio tells us to rise above the lower thought forms- and raise our vibration to a higher level.
-A longing for what is hidden and forbidden to come to the surface. Emotional Entanglements. Desire or thirst for power. Deepest Transformation through feelings and emotional suffering. The urge to go into the Depths. There will be an instinctive desire to air secrets, violate taboos, explore everything hidden, and otherworldly. Premonitions of the Future and/or Astral Travel. A descent into ones’ own darkness. Intense, passionate feelings. Resisting the temptation of power- to use spiritual strength to heal.
Overcoming of the Self. Enormous emotional strength and wishful powers. Strong sexual energies. Access to dark, archaic powers of the soul.
Scorpio is the sign of depth and the extremes. Nothing interests them less than what is superficial and mediocre. Scorpios world is cryptic. Irresistibly drawn by the urge to explore everything that is concealed, secretive, suppressed to the taboos that a society produces. The spectrum of feelings contains only extremes, like love and hate. Scorpio is a stranger to medium tones. Possessing immense powers of the soul that can be used for the benefit of others, they can be a healer and a helper but can also use this ability to make other people dependent, or even destroy others. This makes a responsible manner of dealing with the power of the explosive theme of this sign.
“Excuse me,
But I just have to
Explode this body
Off me”
~Pluto, Björk
The transformational energies of this New Moon May bring you down into the depths of your own psyche. Intensive confrontation in the realms of psychoanalysis, death, shamanism, magic, and sexuality. All of this combined with Venus in Retrograde- may make for more than a little ‘fire’ in your romantic and sexual relationships.
You may hear from an old flame, or meet a potential, passionate lover at this time. However, you may want to hold off on getting too serious, until after Venus leaves her retrograde on November 16. Conflicts of long-term interests could arise- continue to ‘get to know’ one another until then, and Enjoy!
This New Moon take some time to reflect upon what it is you’d like to transform in your life, with others and most intimately- within yourself. Scorpio Moon gifts us the magical power to transform and heal the very depths of our souls.
Archetype: The Magician, Shaman
Shadow: The Vampire
Motivation: Impulse into the Depths
Strives for: Security & Power
Pitfall: Intoxication of Power
Guiding Principle: I Probe. Or: I desire
Mythological Motif: Orion’s death. Gilgamesh and the Scorpion People.
Crystals~Black Moonstone, Black Kyanite, Shungite, Hyperesthene, Labradorite, Garnet, Brecciated Jasper, Shiva Lingham, Snowflake Obsidian, Unakite, Bloodstone
Herbs & Essence~ Aloe, Basil, Bloodroot, Cats Claw, Chrysanthemum, Galangal, Saffron, Ginseng, Pomegranate, Lavender, Skullcap, Dragons Blood, Amber, Palo Santo
Colors~ Deep Maroon, Dark Gray, Black

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