One on One

Spiritual Counseling

Rev. Meghan brings intuitive insight, and true compassionate support to her sessions. Each meeting may include downloaded information, dialog, guided inner processes, and spiritual energy work. As shifts occur within, you’ll gain a sense of discovery, resolution and relief. Some issues may be resolved in one session. Deeper concerns can be worked through in a series of sessions, allowing you to let go and assimilate changes over time. Whether you are at a crossroads perhaps with a health crisis or needing insight, clarity or validation on what is next for you, or you just want to be realigned with who you authentically are - you will be fully supported.



Soul Alchemy Approach Coaching

Our Soul Alchemy Approach is a unique holistic method to coaching. Using metaphysical and down-to-earth techniques, we analyze your situation and determine the best plan of action - together! WE are results oriented. Getting to the root cause of whatever issue is challenging you  then guiding you to uncover soulutions allowing you to live your soul purpose.

Have you been to therapy and other coaches? Are they cookie cutter? Was the program a one-size-fits all? Did it not feel right to you? We have a unique approach to guide you to the SOULution you’ve been searching for.  


Used to treat a wide assortment of challenges, hypnosis can bring about huge transformations.

During a session, a client is in a very focused state of attention. It is deeply relaxing. You experience no loss of control and can react as you need to should a need arise. Your hypnotist works with your subconscious to change patterns and release old emotions that no longer serve your highest good and are holding you back.

Transformative and effective, hypnosis works well with conventional therapy, getting to the root of the problem faster and more direct. Take control of your fears and challenges today.

Hypnotism concept, gold pocket watch swinging used in hypnosis treatment