Parenting is one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences in life

However, it can be extremely challenging with little to no training or support!

What if you knew help is simply a click away?

Every parent wants their child’s soul potential to be joyfully expressed and realized. When we better understand how our mind, body and soul work, we have the power to influence our experiences – including how we feel, function and realign in our everyday life. When we teach kids about these at an early age…we fortify them for a lifetime!

  • Do you have a child/tween/teen that seems to be slipping away?

  • Are they moody, withdrawn, frustrated by school, life, friends and family?

  • Is stress overwhelming them and you?

  • Do you feel overworked and unappreciated as a parent?

  • Are the things you are doing to change your kids' behavior not working?

  • Do you feel supported in your parenting efforts by your spouse, your parents, or even in your own mind?

  • Would you like to be more patient and loving with your children?

Missing child concept with an empty playground swing and the shadow of a little girl on the park floor as a symbol of children losing their childhood and being lost as in a failed adoption or youth despair caused by family violence.

As parents, learning how to respond to all of these situations is crucial.

If you answered “yes” to any of these, we've got your solutions!

Your answers may lead to more questions or important conversations with your spouse or on your own, and you may come to realize that you need some help. We've got you!

Introducing - Parent SOULutions Coaching

Mom and teenage daughter are visiting physiotherapist. Cropped image of mother and doctor shaking hands

What is Parent SOULutions Coaching?

Designed as a two pronged approach to health and coaching that works with the parent and the child. Parent SOULutions Coaching:

    1. Guides parents in coping with overwhelming stress in their life by teaching/guiding them to be consistent, relaxed, and happy in the knowledge that calm, stress free, healthy parents were better able to manage the delicate balancing act of life, family, and career.
    1. Helps the child/tween/teen learn strategies to overcome any obstacle that presents itself with confidence and stay relaxed and calm.   

    With a background in traditional and special education, a minor in psychology and extensive knowledge in energy work and alternative modalities, Kathy Grande provides a well rounded model for success for you to achieve your goals. She understands the workings of the educational system, the minds of children/tweens/teens, and the stress facing parents in these hectic times.

Schedule a Consultation Now!

Let's talk about what is challenging you.

Is it behaviors, self esteem, stress? Do you feel overwhelmed and need help?  

Ask any questions you have.  

During this time we will come up with the type of plan that would be beneficial to you and your child. As every person is unique, so are each coaching plan.

Become Empowered!

Discover and build upon on the foundation of your own inherent parenting strengths and skills while also developing tools to address challenging situations, coping skills for you and your child as well as support to get through anything that comes your way!

Identify stress triggers for your child and yourself while learning strategies to help calm and focus

Increase confidence and self esteem without going overboard

Optimize the blessings with your child and minimize the challenges

Develop organizational and time management strategies for a more balanced life

Communicate in healthier ways and manage undesirable behaviors

Enjoy Parenting again!

Mother working from home while dad and daughter having fun.

Parenting SOULutions Press

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Thirty plus years is a long time to work in any job unless you love what you do!

Kathy Grande has always loved working with children and parents, but as the years went on, she knew there was something missing.  As a special education teacher, she worked with children in all stages of need, but over time she discovered working with the parents as well had become crucial.

Parents of her students were struggling with questions on managing behaviors, understanding learning disabilities, motivating their child to be independent, and coping with their child’s sadness, anger, or fears. The parents were overwhelmed and stressed. They didn’t know where to turn.

Kathy knew that there was more she could do to help parents raise healthy, independent, confident children. Her philosophy was simple: A parent healthy in mind, body and soul is able to raise a child healthy in mind, body, and soul.

More about Kathy...

About Kathy Grande

Everything you need to live your best life is already within you. I truly believe this and want you to believe this as well! By embracing this idea, your life will change radically. Dreams become reality, fears are replaced with confidence and self worth, and doubts are transformed into inspiration and inner guidance. I know what it’s like to experience trauma, abuse, stress, fear, phobias, and illness. I’ve overcome these challenges and come out the other side stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been and I know you can, too. I’ve been a caretaker, a mother, a wife, a divorcee, a teacher and a healer and a million other roles, as have we all.. I am grateful for each and every one as they made me what I am today, whole, healthy, happy and ready to get you to the place of your dreams. Never give up!


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