Place To Call My Own – Sacred Space

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Now I have a place to call my own
Now I have a house to make a home
Now I have a seat upon a throne
‘Cause now I have a place to call my own – Alicia Keys

Everyone needs a place they can go to unwind, unplug and just be. Perhaps it’s a place for reflection, meditation or simply quiet. A sacred space. Not everyone has one of these places or maybe they do and don’t even realize it. Having a designated spot, a place to call your own, somewhere you can let go and be you is beyond priceless.

I’m referring to a sacred space. Not simply the couch in your living room or your comfy bed (though it might be for you). A place that is a sanctuary, a safe, comfortable space to connect with ultimately yourself – letting go of all the tension, stress, frustrations, worries, etc that tend to weigh us down. A sacred space is your special place.

As a child, I had a number of these. I had a tree across the street from my house that had these fabulously thick branches that curved perfectly for me to be cradled in while I read my books or talked with God (yes I did that as a child and still do). I also had a storage space off of my bedroom I had dubbed my clubhouse. It even had a shag carpet! I loved it. I spent a lot of time in there. Little did I know it was the first sacred space I’d have in my life! I’m pretty sure my mom thought it was a hazard zone.

A sacred space is your special place.

Later, as an adult, my bathroom and my balcony became my sacred space. In my bathroom, I had a claw-footed tub which allowed for amazing baths and deep relaxation! On my balcony, a hammock covered the entire space but when gently swaying on it I could see the stars and hear the sounds of nature around me as I meditated.

Now my sacred space is my office. Decorated in soothing, Caribbean colors, my altar is hidden among shelves filled with books, crystals, pendulums, an aromatherapy diffuser, buddhas and more sacred items. Some are tools I work with and some are merely items that call to my soul.

A quick view of my office when I first moved in.

Here are a few tips to create your own space:

  1. Designate a spot. It can be as simple as a corner of a room.
  2. Decorate it with the intention of creating something that will soothe you, allow for a reconnection to your inner self and deepen your connection to your higher power.
  3. Set the mood with incense, aromatherapy, crystals, candles, music, comfy cushions, or chair.
  4. Place objects that make you feel good, create a sense of peace and comfort – plants, pictures, statues or figures that call to you.
  5. Set an intention that when in this space it is for going deep within your heart and soul.

Your sacred space is ideal for seeking guidance, connecting with the divine, meditation, reading or perhaps nothing at all! It allows you a place to recenter, ground, re-energize, focus and reconnect. Utilizing this space on a regular basis will help you create clarity, calm and happiness in your life!


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