Full “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27, 2018 ~ “Pure Imagination”

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Full "Blood Moon" Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius July 27, 2018 ~ "Pure Imagination"

Awakening * Community * Imagination

Merry Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse! The full moon is upon us and in rare form, dazzling us with a special lunar eclipse, in the magical sign of Aquarius! This Lunar Eclipse is set to be the longest of this century, and can "illuminate issues" that may need to be cleared in order for real, lasting harmony to be achieved in our lives.

As the Moon passes through the Earth’s Shadow, it will become red, as its light is refracted by our atmosphere, thus giving its powerful title of the "Blood Moon".  

~Cleansing, Healing, Re-Birthing

~Moon conjunct Mars-family issues, passion

~Mars square Uranus-shock, upheaval, sudden changes/ rebellion

~ Giant Leaps of Faith

~Surrender to the Process

The "Great Purge", giving us the opportunity to release lifetimes of Karma. Can Activate old wounds to come to the surface, for emotional release. Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, and being spiritually/emotionally supported by those closest to you can come into play this Lunar Eclipse. Releasing and clearing away feelings of insecurity within relationships, and finding a unified common ground between groups is a theme for the sign Aquarius, which they are well-versed in, from perhaps many past lives.

Known as the global humanitarian, the "community builder", and the Water Bearer, Aquarius strives to bridge the gap between differences of all kinds- Race, Age, Sexual Orientation, all go out the window. Aquarius brings Heaven down to Earth; a bit of Cosmic Magick and Brotherly Love for all, and a space is created for those who wish to be unique and at peace~ with him or herself, and your fellow beings.

"Come with me, and you'll be

In a world of Pure Imagination,

Take a look, and you'll see,

Into your Imagination."

~ Pure Imagination, Gene Wilder~

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Community coming together Globally for Healing Mother Earth, releasing hatred or generational karma related to the separation of nations~ Being Guided by our 'Higher Selves' to release negative belief systems.

Global Awakening. Purging toxic dis-ease riddled energies in the body, mind, and soul of Humanity. Influx of 'Crystalline Energies' flowing in from the Galactic Ascension.

Imagine your own Vision of Peace, spreading through you, every person you know, through the streets, to the tops of the trees and above- to Our Entire Planet and Beyond- To Our Solar System and Our Galaxy- and envision this open, vast space, just filled with Love. Unity within, and throughout every pocket of the Cosmos. That is the Vision of Aquarius. The Super-Fly Cosmic Space Cowboy from the Future. Some may accuse Aquarius of being "in the clouds" or oblivious to the ongoing negative banter of the media or drama within relationships. It isn't that they are "unconscious" to it, they see it clearly, but they understand they have the choice to create their reality, be it your own personal heaven or hell. We all get a glimpse this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse into our own "Perceptions of Reality", and a new cycle to begin to create own heaven on earth.

"If you want to view Paradise

Simply look around and view it,

Anything you want to, do it

Want to change the World?

There's nothing to it"

Wars, Famine, Natural Disasters, Greed, are all outer experiences, of an internal need for Peace, within every Soul on this Planet.

Once we awaken to the wisdom of the worlds, that we are truly not alone here, we as Humanity play a vital role on helping Gaia ascend to a loving, peaceful 5D Vibration. The first step begins with you. To honor this mission for Love here, is to help bring our Planet into the balance she's been crying out for through environmental disasters.

It's time to be the change you wish to see in the world, and it truly begins with us coming together as a community- as co-creators, builders, teachers, and healers in a world that so desperately needs our light at this Time. This Aquarius Full Moon will topple old values, in order to replace them with new ones- clearing away class distinctions in order to produce equality between employer and workers, the sexes, the races, and varying cultures.

The Realization of Utopia- concerned with the freedom of individuals, and bursting encrusted structures. At the Medieval Court, this principle was only demonstrated by the role of Court Jester, the only one who had the Jesters' license to speak the truth. Since the French Revolution, which resulted shortly after the discovery of the Planet Uranus( ruler of Aquarius), its principles of "freedom, equality, and brotherhood" have been known to all. Aquarius possesses extraordinary powers of abstraction, tends to view things from above, and is very inventive and imaginative.

Taking time to get a clear objective picture of things, properly evaluating situations, and contributing ingenious ideas may be on the agenda within your circle. Expect lively, quick-witted, and perhaps bizarre conversations within your friendships or with strangers this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

A 'visionary' time for those involved in Group Consciousness, as well as Supporting Reforms, and Humanitarian Goals.

Community Spirit and Cooperation in contrast to the competition and domination of the Self. The need for friendly relations and spiritual affinities. Cosmic Spacemen, Ocean Mermaids, Aqua-sparkle dusted Fairies, Artists, Gypsys, Dancers, and Vagabonds will all be 'AGlow' this Aquarius Moon. The air will be electrically charged for spontaneous creativity of all sorts. Open yourself up to the magic of possibility, and let your Imagination run free this Lunar Eclipse. A whole new world may open unto you, as long as you are willing to leave the past behind, spread your wings, and soar.

"There is no life I know,

To compare with Pure Imagination,

Living there, you'll be free,

If you truly wish to be."

Archetype~ The Individualist, The Wise Fool

Shadow~ The Lunatic, The Eccentric

Strives for~ Utopia or Stoic Tranquility

Task in Life~ Overcoming the old, to bring Innovation to the World

Guiding Principle~ I Know (that I don't know anything)

Mythological Motif~ Ganymede, The Cup Bearer of the Gods

Crystals~ Iolite, Turquoise, Fairy Quartz, Meteorite, Mochi Balls, Septarian, Rainbow Moonstone, Azurite, Moldavite, Flourite, Lilac Lepidolite, Amethyst, Charoite

Herbs & Essence~ Rosemary, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Lemon, Mint, White Birch, Dandelion, Violet, Sandlewood, Copal, Patchouli, Champa Flower

Colors~ All shades of Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, & Opalescent Rainbow

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