Qigong For Energy Workers

Do you find yourself putting others first?

Are you stuck on the phrase “care-GIVER” and unable to receive care?

Do you believe it is “selfish” to focus on yourself?

Do you forget to take care of YOU?

Everyday energy focused self care is critical to health and wellness. As all energy workers learn, wellness really begins at the energetic level. Our own energetic vibrations have a direct influence on the healing experience for our clients. Though healing does not come directly from us as practitioners, our own self-care helps to keep us in the flow, vital, aligned and balanced. Thus we understand our work as practitioners is not about what we do, but it is about who we are.

Tai Chi Qigong Fusion

We love what we do! It is part of us, our passion, our mission and our purpose. When we love what we do it becomes FAR too easy to become immersed, overwhelmed, drained or worse disillusioned because we begin to give of our own energy through lack of self- care.

This is true whether you are a Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, tarot or oracle readers, intuitives, coaches, hypnotists, aestheticians, or any profession that has you dipping into someone else’s energy body (this does indeed include hair stylists, makeup artists, counselors, etc.)

Can you say, “Burn out”?


By practicing self-care.. daily.

Self-care allows us to become an aligned, clear channel for healing energy to flow so our clients receive the best session possible.

You already say an affirmation or prayer before your session and gratitude after? Or maybe you dry brush and meditate? Or you have another quick charge between clients...

Wake Up Good To Be Alive

That’s fabulous. Don’t stop it. Keep going!

These practices are wonderful! However, they are often not enough.

The exercises you will learn in this class series will provide you with a daily routine to charge your battery to 100% regardless of how many clients you are seeing, how insane your schedule looks or how rough your day is in general.

This course will teach each student a daily practice to ensure their energy is strong, vibrant and aligned each and every day they perform these routines.

You will learn to cultivate and hold life force energy within yourself, to help your and your clients in creating optimum health, greater endurance, increased life flow, inner peace and overall body, mind, soul and heart balance.

Each of the five classes are linked to the Five Elements – Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal and will have exercises/routines to go with them.

These self-healing, energy cultivating qigong exercises help to:

  • Improve immunity and overall health
  • Manage and embrace stress
  • Lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy
  • Reduce pain with increased blood flow
  • Help develop greater physical balance
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Revitalize your nervous system
  • Increase and connect with your chi for health, vitality and fitness
  • Develop greater sensitivity and depth in energy healing

You will learn about:

  • The Cycle of Creation (Five Element Theory)
  • The Governor/Functional Channel (Microcosmic Orbit)
  • Breathwork Practices
  • The Dan Tien
  • How to create daily routine to increase your energy
  • And more!

You’ll find the movements easy to learn and exhilarating, perfect for all ages and fitness levels. They can even be done in a chair! Don’t be surprised if you start doing these moves at home. This class compliments other workouts!

The class helps develop breath work, movement, balance and relaxation. Qigong for Energy Works blends focused movement, meditation and deep breathing. This practice helps reduce stress and anxiety. In addition, it increases flexibility as well as balance. The energy flow through mind, body and spirit develops mindfulness, calm, and wellness in our whole system. Qigong for Energy Workers functions as low impact and requires little stress on muscles and joints. All ages are welcome (without disruptions) to join this class with mindfulness of your comfort levels and physical abilities.

No equipment or special items required. Standing for long periods does happen but chairs are available. Let Meghan know in advance if you have any physical issues or challenges so that she may accommodate your needs. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows you to move comfortably. You may wear shoes or not, that is your choice.