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CEUs are available!!! 10 HOURS for LMTs!!

Depositphotos_65119481_s-2015The word “Shoden” means “beginning teachings”, and the Japanese Style Reiki Training Shoden Course explores the foundations of Reiki as an energy, as a daily spiritual practice for self-development, and as a therapeutic system for healing yourself. The next levels of training take you further into healing others.

The System of Reiki is comprised of five major elements, and each will receive considerable focus throughout the complete three-level training series:

  1. The Five Reiki Precepts as the spiritual medicine for all disease
  2. Traditional Meditation and Breath Work
  3. Techniques: Hands-On Healing Practice for working on Self (level 1) and Others (level 2)
  4. Symbols and Mantras (presented in levels 2 & 3 of training)
  5. The 4 traditional Reiju (Spiritual attunement/blessing to clear meridians)


“Thank you so much Meghan! My life has changed so much since you introduced me to Reiki. I’m grateful for the knowledge and healing that has occurred. Thank you for being part of my journey and my Reiki Master/Teacher.” ~ Susan P.

In this training, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the essence of this system that effectively weaves lecture, exercises, group discussion, and hands-on practice into a magical experience you won’t soon forget. You will learn

• The history of Reiki and the teachings of Usui Mikao.
• Breathwork and meditation exercises meticulously researched and accurate to what Usui actually taught.
• Techniques to connect with your original energy (known as the “hara” in Japanese).
• Methods of Self-healing and self-development as a journey toward spiritual growth.
• How to develop a clearer awareness of spiritual connectedness for yourself, your family and friends.
• How to use Reiki to connect with plants, food, animals, crystals, etc… integrating it into every day
• Self-Empowerment
• Healing All Aspects of The Self – Mind-Body-Spirit

Reiki 1:


Dates: Saturdays
June 16,23,30 and July 7



$150 for New Students

$175 for those requesting 10 – CEUs

$75 for review with CEUs



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