Reiki? A Bunch of Baloney?

Twenty five years ago, I had never heard of Reiki and if someone had tried to explain it to me I would have politely listened and tried not to roll my eyes. (I’m told I have a terrible poker face) But then my best friend, Marge, was diagnosed with breast cancer and was desperate for anything that might help. I agreed to go with her to a Reiki talk and demonstration.

At the beginning of the talk, Marge, was chosen to receive a treatment. She was experiencing swelling and pain in her arm as a result of lymph nodes being removed and hoping for some relief. Marge and the healer sat at the front of the class. The healer kept her hands gently on Marge’s arm as she talked. I must admit, my skepticism remained throughout the entire program. How could this possibly work? It seemed ridiculous. The healer finished the workshop and Marge said she felt OK but nothing amazing happened. The healer didn’t seem fazed by this and said to give it time as the energy goes where it needs to go. “What a bunch of baloney,” I thought to myself.

On the way home from the program, Marge stopped talking. Concerned, I asked what was going on. She told me that the pain had stopped in her arm. Even better, the swelling was down. I checked her arm when we arrived home and the swelling had gone down!

We were both officially freaked out. Was it the Reiki? Was it the power of the human mind to affect the body? Did Marge or I care? No. This was amazing! We absolutely needed to learn more! We both went on the get our Reiki 1 Certification which focused on self healing. NOT CURING. Healing ourselves.

Marge used it to keep herself calm and relieve pain. Sadly, Marge passed away from cancer 13 years later. She had utilized what she learned from Reiki to help her through her journey. I had been so moved and awakened by her experience, I went on to become a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and level 2 Karuna Reiki practitioner. I fully believe Reiki helps heal the body, mind, and spirit and I will continue to believe this for all time. (even if you roll your eyes at me and call it baloney!)

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Kathy Grande

Soul Alchemist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Quantum Life Coach, Certified Hypnotist and Medical Intuitive - Kathy combines her 30+ years in education to offer a truly rounded experience to help those needing to heal in body, mind, and spirit. Contact her to work with her!