Reiki II

Reiki II

Reiki II “Okuden” is considered the “Practitioner’s Level” and offers students advanced Reiki teachings.

In Level II, Master Teacher Meghan K. Mitchell provides students tools for working with Reiki energy both in person and through distance or absentee techniques.

Okuden amplifies the Reiki I energy and produces a grounding or solidifying of the energy as it settles into the student’s aura in a profound manner.

In this level, students are given exercises, symbols and more in depth chakra work which allows the Reiki energy to perform powerful functions, such as specific mental/emotional/spiritual healing and long distance healing. Students are taught channeling techniques, thereby increasing their overall psychic awareness in life and in healing sessions. Students also learn to work with their own “chi” in order to strengthen their personal energy and health so that they are able to accommodate more healing energy and be of greater service.

• Ancient techniques for circulating “chi” energy in the body to strengthen the energy field and physical body

• Practice working with personal chi energy

• Creating a sacred space at home for aid in performing long distance healing and for meditation practices

• Practice drawing and working with symbols

• Reiki Level II initiation: two advanced attunements which open the flow of Reiki II energy

• Working long distance & mental/emotional/spiritual healing

• Techniques for tapping into intuitive, psychic perceptions in mental/emotional/spiritual healing and working with affirmations and channeling techniques

• Hands-on practice performing mental/emotional/spiritual healing and long distance healing –  body mechanics, ethics and techniques.

• Basics of starting a healing practice with Reiki – marketing, ethics, business setup, etc.

**Case Studies will be required


Class Duration: 5 class sessions, plus work outside of class

INSTRUCTOR: Master Teacher Meghan K. Mitchell
DATES: coming soon
TIME: coming soon
LOCATION: Magical SOULutions, 1200 Farmington Avenue, Classroom, Berlin, CT 06037
PRICING: $250 for new students, $275 for class plus Continuing Education Credits**, $175 for a refresher for already certified*, $75 for Magical Soul student refresher

* Must provide certificate from previous training to obtain this pricing.
** 15 CEUs are available for Licensed Massage Therapists and MUST but determined and registered prior to class beginning.

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