Self-Care? How About Self-Compassion?

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Self Care? How about Self Compassion?

Every month, Kathy and I plan out what our message focus will be for social media, blogs, programs and more. This month we chose Mother’s Day and Self-Care. We’ve got a couple of great blogs coming up on these topics. This one particularly focuses on self-care and reframing it to self-compassion.

Part of the reason both of us went into the careers we did was not only to help other people but also for our own self care. We’ve found clients who put other people and their needs before their own – constantly. It depletes their energy sources, eventually sometimes, most times making them physically ill along with the persistent mental exhaustion and emotional rollercoaster this puts them on.

By not taking care of yourself, you’re not being selfless, magnanimous or thoughtful.

A few things happen. One, you’re invalidating the energy exchange that could take place if you allowed other people to utilize their own energy, wits, gumption, etc to do what needs doing. Two, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment in that maintaining a high level of help-i-tude doesn’t last and you’ll come crashing down at some point. Three, you neglect yourself, ignoring what your soul needs.

I’ve met very few people who give of their energy repeatedly without taking time for self care, who are truly happy. I think it is because they don’t truly understand what is behind self care. It is about being as loving, nurturing and kind to yourself as you treat others. It’s about mindfulness and knowing when you need to recharge, rebalance and realign rather than being depleted. says, “it also involves integrating self-compassion into your life in a way that helps to prevent even the possibility of a burnout.”

Self-compassion. Perhaps that is what we need to start referring to self-care as.

Does that change your thoughts on it? What do you do for self-compassion? Share with us your practices.

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