The Midas Touch – Massage Therapy

The Midas Touch - Massage Therapy

Does massage therapy turn things to gold? No, but it can be priceless how this touch therapy leaves your muscles feeling when the session is over. Massage therapy is rooted in wellness and relaxation. Not only is it beneficial and healthy to your body, as well as your mind, it can bring your entire energy body into balance.  

An ancient form of Chinese medicine (Qigong), a healing massage therapy has been used for many years as a means of releasing tension and stress, as well as healing from illness and dis-ease in the body. Through massage muscles are manipulated by a licensed professional utilizing various techniques such as effleurage, tapotement, and others.   

Let’s be honest, stress exists in all our lives. One of the quickest and most beneficial ways of releasing it is through a massage therapy session. A massage will loosen up the muscles thereby decreasing your stress levels, relieving your muscles of pain, and enabling the positive energy to flow freely.  Not only will a massage therapy session provide you with all of the above, but it can also promote good posture, have a positive effect on diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, pain relief, and various other health related problems.

Receiving a massage stimulates circulation, opening blood vessels and allows blood to flow freely.  It enables better and deeper breathing. This allows oxygen levels to increase, promoting awareness, clear thinking, organization, and boosts your creativity levels.

Highly recommended by physicians, massage offers a complementary practice to traditional treatments and medications, as well as a means of continued health related management. A therapeutic massage offers tremendous health boosts in several studies that include labor pain, glucose levels in diabetics, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains, migraine headaches, premature infants, as well as many other health problems.  

Infants born prematurely respond favorably to touching and light massage. This touch therapy has enabled many premature infants to thrive because of it. In fact, studies have proven that massage benefits all infants - growing pains are lessened, encourages interaction between parent and baby, helps infant relax and sleep, and reduces crying.

Massage and therapeutic touch has had a tremendous impact on self-esteem. One study found that increased safe, positive touch promotes a feeling of self-worth and caring. This study showed that self-esteem increased a higher degree in some that felt lacking in their lives.  

Massage is a safe and effective form of treatment for many though a good licensed therapist will let you know of any situations that are not ideal.  It is not recommended that one replace traditional medical care with therapeutic massage. It is encouraged as an additional and complementary health benefit especially for those that are challenged by stress and anxiety.  

As with any form of treatment, it is always a recommend one seek the advice of a physician before going for any type of massage therapy.  In some cases, a massage may be covered under a medical insurance plan. A call to the insurance company will provide more information. Some HSAs and FSAs cover massage therapy through licensed massage therapists. A therapeutic massage may seem costly if you are paying for it yourself, however getting a massage on a routine basis could lower the pinch in the wallet. The investment is priceless after the massage glow hits you when your session is over and your muscles are released of tension and tightness.

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