What’s up with your Chakras?

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With society pushing for a more health and spiritual conscious approach to life, you’ve probably heard about the Chakras and maybe even Mindfulness. With that in mind, I’ve created the Chakra Mindfulness Challenge just for you!

What’s up with your Chakras?

  • Are you feeling un-grounded, physically exhausted or drained?
  • Do you find relationships challenging and/or you have a lack of creativity?
  • Do you lack confidence and/or have a lack of direction?
  • Are you challenged with giving as well as receiving in relationships?
  • Is speaking up difficult for you?
  • Is it difficult to visualize your future or dream of new ideas?
  • Do you feel lost and lacking focus?

Everyone needs to realign their Chakras every now and then, even spiritually minded people. Whether you are new to working with Chakras or have been around the spiritual block a few times and work with the Chakras daily, I promise there is something here for you!

Are you ready for a new take on mindfulness?

But what are the Chakras? Where are they? What effect do they have and how do we utilize them to enhance our lives? How is mindfulness connected to all of this? How do we obtain mindfulness?

Chakras, simply put, are energy centers and when properly maintained are an incredible source for achieving your goals, keeping focused, and living healthy and happy. Our Chakras have the ability to teach us more about ourselves than we ever could have imagined.

Only when delving into each one individually do we gain deeper understanding of our energy, relationships and life as a whole. Mindfulness is an inherent ability we all have which allows us to be present enough to note something is off within our energy system (our Chakras) and peace of mind to address whatever comes up. It also allows us to enjoy the gifts present in each moment.

Chakras and Mindfulness are extremely complementary practices!

If you’ve been feeling off, lacking focus, having recurring blockages/challenges or are simply looking to understand your energy system, this FREE Chakra Mindfulness Challenge will allow you to connect with that energy, learn what is taking place and clear it. In addition, you’ll enhance your feeling of being grounded, heighten your awareness, focus and perception, as well as learn tips and tricks to keep your Chakras in alignment.


For ages I’d wanted to do something to share my love of the Chakras with the masses – YOU! I wasn’t sure how to put all of the information together in a nice package that would help people connect with the energy and knowledge of each of the seven main Chakras while creating a unique opportunity for experiential learning.

If you do a search on Google for Chakras, you’ll find more hits than you’ll know what to do with. I wanted to simplify it but at the same time offer new content different from ALL the others out there providing information.

Then during a meditation session it hit me! Mindfulness! This would be a unique way to bring awareness to our own energy by connecting each of the Chakras to an area of Mindfulness.


You’ll live the best life possible when your Chakras are aligned and Mindfulness is harnessed by…

  • Getting grounded and working through Trust with the Root
  • Developing a state of Non-Striving with the Sacral
  • Releasing Judgement both for yourself and others with the Solar Plexus
  • Letting go of that which no longer serves you and opening to compassion with the Heart
  • Creating Patience in your life while learning your Truth with the Throat
  • Finding what it means to have a Beginner’s Mind while allowing possibilities with the Third Eye
  • Understanding that Acceptance is truly priceless with the Crown

This challenge is specifically designed to allow you to learn about the chakras, practice mindfulness and tie them all together.


    • Seven Days of Chakras and Mindfulness!
    • The 7 major chakras, ways to work with them and how to balance them
    • The 7 Attitudinal Foundations of Mindfulness connected to each individual chakra
    • A meditation to get grounded in the moment and get on the mindfulness path!
    • A private discussion group on Facebook, to ask questions and share experiences
    • Tools that will have your mind, body and spirit feeling balanced and focused in no time!

Sign up today! (Challenge begins immediately and runs through May 1, 2018) We’re making this program available for 100% off – aka FREE! Curious? Excited? Ready to get focused?

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